What will be the big reveal?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. So Vince tweeted that he will reveal something big on Friday, probably during Smackdown. What do you think the big reveal will be?
  2. Hopefully his Viagra enhanced erection.

    Seriously though, I have no clue.
  3. It was him behind the shield the entire time to wrestle the company away from Hunter and get the title on his chosen one John Cena, it was him who hired Brock to destroy trips so he'll step away as COO.

    Yeah I have no idea, probably that WM social ambassador dude.
  4. If it's announced on SmackDown, then I don't care, because it definitely won't be something big.
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  5. That Johnny is becoming SD! GM
  6. A NEW DEBUT :yes:
  7. As crayo said its on SD so it won't be massive. If it was they would announce it on raw
  8. No clue but not expecting anything huge or earth-shattering.
  9. If it's really a "big announcement" then it will be revealed on RAW, not SD.
  10. It could be a new brand split (one could dream) but it will most likely revolve around mania.
  11. Fandango is eating his big old hard cock and then we'll have a facial cum.

    Don't really know what's going to reveal but I'm sure he won't make Trish Stratus strip again
  12. WWE Network?
  13. Well I've seen the SD spoilers and there's no mention of any reveal or appearance by Vince? :hmm:
  14. Probably something irrelevant about WM.
  15. Maybe he's posting his "genetic jackhammer" on Twitter and he wants everyone to see it :hmm:
  16. I've looked into the interwebs to see what people think it is, but everyone's predicting the same thing. Vince's dong. :pity:
  17. WM is cancelled. An WWE is becoming an all female pure wrestling promotion.
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  18. :eww: That's it?
  19. Why would people expect something serious on SmackDown?
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