What will be the landscape after Cena cashes in his MITB contract

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by shrayan, Jul 18, 2012.

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  1. Suppose Cena cashes his contract at Raw 1000 and beats Punk fair and square. What events will follow after this and discuss the potential of ''Punk -Cena'' feud.
  2. Punk vs Cena vs Rock
  3. Or after the match is booked, and its advertised as the main event. Cena just says, "this match is already made." I don't have to cash it, you booked it...

    Then cena drills pink with the briefcase and his title belt, gets DQd THEN cashes it on for the win!!!

    Epic heel turn

  4. :win::win::win: I'd mark for this

    but if it is just a clean win, possibly just a couple of PPVS of Cena vs Punk, then Punk gets injured then Cena feuds with someone else.
  5. Cena champ probably feuding with Punk and possibly Rock.
  6. If Rock can make Summerslam, then I'd bet on Rock-Cena for the PPV, with Cena going over. That seemed close to the original rumor before WM28, that they would fight three times and each would get one victory (Wrestlemania 28, Summerslam) and then one of them would win the third and final match between them at WM29. Looks like that might be what they are going with in the long run.
  7. "Once in a Lifetime Match between John Cena and The Rock!" :cole:

    Lying bastards.
  8. The match is only booked because he is cashing in the WWE wouldnt do that, i think Punk will win, the rock will come out and distract cena when hes about to AA punk.
    Starting a punk v rock v cena fued
  9. As long as Cena loses the cash in I'm happy.
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