What will be the stipulation for Brock/HHH?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. Hell in a Cell (again)? What do you think?
  2. Last Man Standing or Ambulance Match

  3. ?
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  4. Isn't the big rumor that it's gonna be an MMA style kind of fight? There was another thread about it.

    Paul Heyman stating on Raw that he and Brock will only name the stipulation after the contract is signed makes me think they'll go this route, with Heyman and Lesnar believing that Triple H will have no chance against Brock at his own type of fight. I like the idea, but it's a shame that it just has to be Triple H that ends up prevailing against Lesnar at this type of thing. Hopefully, they end up working it out so that Lesnar wins, but once the fight inside the cage is done, either Brock or Triple H say it's not over yet, and a big brawl erupts outside of the cage. This goes on for more than just a few minutes, and Triple H manages to lay Brock out with a sledgehammer and shit. He then stands over him doing his pose and gets to walk out standing tall. This way, Brock 'wins', but Triple H still gets his revenge.

    Personally, I'd be fine with just another non-sanctioned match but I'm convinced they're going down the MMA path.
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  5. Lmao, like Jarrett/Angle? Sounds seriously hilarious. If they want to GET STIFF (can't say that with a straight look on your face) than the stip could be good lol
  6. Didn't they do it with Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe as well? I heard that was TNA's biggest buy rate ever, tripled by the serious build of them preparing for a serious type of UFC fight. Shamrock and Owen did it at Summerslam 1998, too.
  7. I remember Shamrock/Owen (as well as their Hart Dungeon match) and the Joe/Angle match I'm pretty sure was just a LD cage match that they wrestled as a grappling/catch can/submission wrestling/mma type match instead of a pro wrestling match. It was brilliant.
  8. "First Blood Hell in a Cell Last Man Standing On a Pole" match
  9. I think they will go with the MMA fight deal. Hunter to punch Brock in the gut, busting up his intestines.
  10. I think Brock doesn't have one after the kick he received from Alistair Overeem.
  11. Brock has intestines, but he suffers from a syndrome that makes them super frail. Thus why he had to retire from MMA because too hard a punch or kick to the gut and they could rupture.
  12. I know that, bro. That's why after the kick he got, he retired. It was too high of a risk (and knowing MMA fighters, they will go after the weak spots in their opponents) to stay there and fight. He did the right decision.
  13. What about a "Street Fight Last Man Standing" Match?
  14. I said it already, but it's going to be a bra & panties match. Lesnar has spent the entire six months mastering the ways to keep his clothes on. He's spent hours in victoria's secret gaining tips on how to protect his cleavage area. It's a match he's trained for, but never won. He wants to prove that he can be bra & panties specialist and he will strip Triple H of his manhood....and clothing :ksi:
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  15. Street Fight, Non-Sanctioned or something like that. Really don't want to watch any MMA stuff.
  16. We can add this to the list of shit you don't want to see at Mania.

    I'm still waiting for something to add to this list though

    Shit Leo C actually wants to watch at Wrestlemania

  17. I'm alright with HHH/Lesnar to an extent, since it won't be the ME and the match can deliver. Punk/Taker I also want to watch. Would've preferred Henry challenging ADR but his storyline with Swagger brought in Colter and a good new gimmick for Swagger, the match can also be very good and there's a possibility of Ziggler cashing in. Ryback/Henry won't be the best match but is fresh and will be an old timer putting a younger guy over. All of that sounds good enough for me :sad:
  18. I think they'll have something in the contract where is triple h loses, Brock or Heyman gets to take his job.

    I don't really care that much for this match unless its a "break your arm" match or a "celebrity death match", or maybe a "piss your pants" match. An MMA match would still be a WWEMMA match so it'll most likely suck.

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