What will be your reaction when a wrestler admits that they're gay?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Hannah Bee, Jul 11, 2013.

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  1. Something I thought up last night while having a few drinks on a friend's birthday.

    We all know some athletes are now coming out of the closet and all. I'm not a fan of sports so I can't name names. Most of the time, they are met with an approving nod and a congratulations tweet.

    BUT, what if a wrestler admits he's gay? What do you think will be the general reaction by the IWC?

    This doesn't apply just for the guys in the big 'E. Also, will the opinion depend on the company the wrestler is in? How will the company book him after-confession?
  2. seriously i don't care about their sexuality, their life. I don't see why Sexuality should alter a person's opinion on someone
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  3. Let's not deny that it's gonna turn some heads. I'll still support them if it happens though.
  4. yh you can expect some people to Oppose them
  5. Depends which wrestlers whether or not it would garner a reaction from me. I mean, ultimately, I wouldn't care at all of course, congrats to them for making it public. It'd just be interesting news is all.

    It really would depend on the IWC. I would say probably most would support the wrestlers, but of course there are going to be those certain fans that would probably say that having a gay wrestler wrestling guys is an abomination. However, like I said, most probably wouldn't mind.

    I can't speak for other companies since I don't really watch other companies (though I should) but I hope any company would not change the wrestler's gimmick just because they came out IRL. That's just discriminatory and makes absolutely no sense. Let's say Lesnar came out gay. This big, tough monster wrestler that they suddenly turned into farm-boy who sings ballads and does the Viscera Drop as his finisher or something. Who you prefer in bed doesn't determine your bad-assery and your skills. At least, it shouldn't anyway.
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  6. most people would judge on their Gimmick i.e. Alberto he is Heel so the probability of Discrimination is Certain
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  7. True. I would prefer it never to be mentioned in kayfabe that it to be aknowledged then book the wrestler like shit.
  8. Well, yes, I would agree if it meant they were going to book the wrestler like shit, but if, let's say, it would improve their current gimmick, I wouldn't see why not. I realize that it's quite a stretch for a male wrestler to do so currently, but if there were any opportunity where it wouldn't be too awkward, then I'd be all for it. At the very least, I can see a diva having a lesbian/bi-sexual gimmick. That would probably be the best gimmick for one of them currently since most of the main roster diva gimmicks ultimately suck. Most of them are just kinda' there with no substance to their gimmicks whatsoever. One of them should just turn lesbian, lmao.
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  9. I'd throw my fresh shit that came out of my ass at my wall. No, no.... I'd throw my fresh shit at my NEIGHBORS wall! I'l stand there until he said something, and then throw my fresh shit at his FACE!
  10. Lesbian diva is a good idea. SOMEONE IN THE DIVAS TURN LESBIAN PLZ.

  11. O...kay....

  12. You wasted bro? :dawg:
  13. Apparently Heidi Lovelace in OVW is doing that. It's a lesbian gimmick, but it's not over the top. It's just "Hey, I'm gay! :yay:", and she doesn't think it's that big of a deal.
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  14. Yeah, that's what I was thinking when I said that. Not having the gimmick actually circulate on the sexual orientation. More, like, give the gimmick more personality, really.

    Edit: But that's cool! I didn't know someone was doing that already. :obama:

  15. Fucking very LOL

    Why u know me so well :why::wtf:
  16. I'm a mod now. I can read your mind. It's one of the powers. :ksi:
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    You backstabbing jabroni :mad1:
  18. Lol, I don't really do shit, bro. I figured I had to do a lot and deal with people when I said that, but all I'm ultimately doing is watching the forums while the other admins, who actually do things, are asleep. I didn't automatically say yes, but when I was explained what I'd be doing, I said why the hell not, lmao. Never asked for it for it. :dawg: Plus, they sprang the question on me when I was half-asleep.
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