What will Charlotte do on the Main Roster?

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Dec 4, 2014.

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  1. No doubt about it but NXT Diva's Champ Charlotte, is an absolute beast.. Sooner rather than later she will be called up to the Main Roster and debut her talents there... what will the outcome of her reign in the main spotlight be? Will she start off strong then falter out, will she be an equivalent to Ric Flair's status wrestling on the main stage except with boobs, vagina and ass? Will she just job out entirely? Will she become a Total Diva?

    There's a few different routes awaiting this dynamic diva wrestler and I'm interested to see how WWE will go about using her.. personally I think she will be a complete force, she will not be a "Total Diva", her first title reign will come sooner rather than later after she debuts..

    What do you guys think will be the path her career goes down?


  2. They'll do the same thing they did with Paige, then she'll also become irrelevant.

    Damn, I was enjoying AJ/Paige feud at the time, but then this whole Nikki/Brie saga happened and I started disliking the divas division.
  3. Very good chance this will happen, I believe her having Ric as her backer will give her a bit more advantage to have a longer / more effective career.. so it could possibly go a little bit different than what Paige went through.. Personally I think with AJ possibly getting some "time off" sooner or later; Paige as well as other divas will be relevant again.
  4. Yeah, correct. With her father's influence, she may have a bit more effective career.

    I just wanna get into the Divas division again, but the Bellas completely ruined it for me.
  5. Every so often the Bella's will not be the spotlight of the Diva's division but then it always cycles back over to them being in the spotlight again.. I think it's probably the most recycled thing in WWE today to be completely honest, give or take a few other minor things.
  6. Well, here's to hoping they go back to being irrelevant again. (Brie is kinda alright, to be honest, but Nikki... Aww hell naw)
  7. I think Brie is the worst of them all, mainly because her acting is just slightly worse than Nikki's however they both are really bad actresses and would fail HARD if they ever got any real work other than a minor cameo on USA or SyFy shows every now and then.. I believe they will be irrelevant again for awhile when Charlotte comes up and does her thing.. which may not be until WM31 unfortunately.
  8. Yep.
    This whole Brie/Nikki saga should culminate at WM31, after that they'll hopefully be under the radar.
  9. IMO Charlotte stands a better chance on the main roster, not just because of Ric but she's great in-ring and is pretty good on the mic. Paige is pretty bad on the mic and the shitty booking she was subject too didn't help her either.
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  10. Oh definitely not just because of Ric, I think she's hella good in the ring and does a nice job with the mic in her hand.. I hope shitty booking doesn't end up being the cause of demise for Charlotte, they just need to ease her in and not make her look too good or too bad faster than they should.
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  11. Screwing up a good talent is too much to ask of WWE.
  12. They sometimes can pull it off but yes you're right they do have a habit especially lately IMO of wasting good talent.
  13. If Vince could realize that it's not all about Cena, then we could (maybe) have something special.
  14. Female wrestler. I'll go out on a limb and say she doesn't make much of a difference in the product.
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  15. That's probably the opinion of general wrestling fans as well, idk I'm into female wrestling and for some reason have a feeling Charlotte will change the landscape of the Diva's division for the WWE.
  16. If WWE really wanted to have a good women's division and treat it as a wrestling division and not a side show for sex starved adolescents, it wouldn't be difficult to do. I am a huge fan of women's wrestling. Actually around the time of 2008, the best thing about TNA was their women's division. It remained strong until Bischoff and Hogan came around and basically destroyed it. Regardless, there are plenty of really talented women wrestlers out there who put on phenomenal matches and WWE could hire them for very little money, but they just seem to prefer to not take women's wrestling seriously.

    In regards to Charlotte, I think she's great. She's a good in ring performer and she's not bad on the mike, although not great either. I think when she first shows up on the main roster, she'll make a significant impact. It's a foregone conclusion that she will hold the Diva's title at some point. But will she be around for a significant period of time at the top? I tend to doubt it. It has nothing to do with her obvious talent, just WWE"s crappy treatment of women's wrestling.

    As far as being Flair's daughter, I am not sure if it's going to help her at all. Watching NXT the other day, there was way too much mention of Ric. Sasha Banks mentioned Dad several times in the promo and each mention was totally unnecessary. In my mind, there has never been a better pro wrestler than Ric Flair, but Charlotte will have to be her own person in order to have longevity. As odd as the Goldust gimmick was when Dustin Rhodes first used it, I think it was good for him in the long run. Beforehand, in WCW, his character was constantly referred to as "the Dream's boy" or "Dusty's son" during his matches. As Goldust, most of us just were like "Wow, I wonder what Dusty thinks about this."

    Charlotte is going to have a bit more of a problem escaping her dad's presence, since she is named after the city that is synonymous with Ric Flair. But even if this works out for her, a couple years on the WWE main roster is likely before she's gone. It is just the way the Diva's division works.
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  17. In depth analysis, I like it.. what you said could very well be the likely route she goes down.. We shall see I suppose I hope she does well personally.
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  18. Well, I think she's gonna wrestle.
    As for specifics, she'll probably get booked horribly.
  19. Just like all the divas. :smug:
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