Fast Lane What will come of Sting's "Face-to-Face" with HHH?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Feb 11, 2015.

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  1. On this past RAW, Triple H had sent a statement out to Sting asking if he will accept to come face-to-face with The Game at the Fast Lane PPV.. After a segment involving a few extras dressed up as Sting that had Triple H "freaking out" and falling down in the ring the Titantron revealed Sting's response with two words.. "I Accept"..


    Now from my understanding it seems that this isn't guaranteed or leading to a match at Fast Lane, I believe it just is a reference to the fact that Sting will appear in (actual) person to confront Triple H about why he did what he did at Survivor Series as well as interfering in John Cena's match allowing him to get Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Erick Rowan their jobs back..

    Now it may not be officially confirmed on what is going to come from the interaction between the two prominent figures in professional wrestling entertainment however I have to strongly assume that there won't be a match at Fast Lane.. the confrontation itself will simply lead to the announcement for their match at Wrestlemania 31..

    Is there anyone who thinks that they may in fact take care of the issues at Fast Lane itself? or wait until the Stage of Immortals to handle their business? What else may happen during this confrontation at the Fast Lane PPV? The possibilities are not endless but there's quite a few things that could happen.
  2. sting points to mania sign with his baseball bat
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  3. There's a 110% chance there won't be a match between the two at Fast Lane.

    Just a confrontation (and a possible brawl) leading to a match between the two at Mania. We've speculated for a while now there might be a stipulation involved 'Whoever loses gets fired from WWE.'
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  4. I can almost promise you It goes down like this:

    HHH cuts promo

    Sting isn't here

    Lights out

    Sting appears

    Scorpion death drop

    points to sign for Mania match
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  5. Maybe wwe swerve us and hhh announces Sting will vs undertaker...
  6. Thanks... But no thanks. :razer:
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  7. Sting vs Taker is the match you really think you want, but when you got it you'd realize "maybe I didn't want it". That's not a knock on them or saying the wrestling would be bad. It's all from a character standpoint. They're too similar with that supernatural aspect that I think it wouldn't quite work. Triple H meanwhile is a classic heel who knows how to be a heel and has a great mean streak. He's a great foil for this incarnation of Sting.
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  8. 1. HHH calls out Sting, the lights eventually go out, his music plays, and then Sting is standing behind him when the lights come back on.

    2. HHH does most all of the talking where he tries to understand the motivations behind Sting's actions against The Authority so far, and hopefully Sting says as few words as possible to maintain at least some of the mystique of his personality. Sting challenges HHH to put The Authority's complete and total power on the line against him at Wrestlemania, and HHH accepts after pondering it for a bit.

    3. Then HHH calls out a bunch of guys (J&J Security, Big Show, Kane, maybe even Hall, Nash, and X-Pac if they want to reference the old NWO days of Sting vs NWO, maybe Seth Rollins, too) to take out Sting, but he ends up whooping their ass with his trusty baseball bat instead. He then points his bat at the Wrestlemania sign while using his other hand to point towards HHH in the aisleway.

    All done to set up a "dream match" between the two at Wrestlemania that no has ever actually dreamed about seeing (at least in 2015.)
  9. HHH promo, Sting appears, schmoz, done.
  10. I was hoping they'd do a match at Fastlane where HHH would get a win for once (lol) and then have the rematch where Sting wins at WM, but I suppose that's not gonna happen now.

    I'm pretty underwhelmed by the whole Sting thing at this point TBH. They did do a decent production job with his "appearance" on RAW though. They must have had, what, 3 or 4 guys dressed up as Sting to pull that off?
  11. I don't think the whole "heel gets one over the babyface, and then the babyface rebounds and gets his revenge the next month" would work at all with the current story they're telling between Sting and HHH since Sting is supposed to be the big hero stepping into the WWE for the very first time to right some wrongs. Plus, he probably shouldn't be losing his very first match in WWE, no matter who the opponent.

    I was never really a big fan of Sting outside of his run against the NWO in the late 90's (although it likely has something to do with not being a big fan of WCW except for their big run in the mid/late 90's either), so I wasn't too keen on seeing him come to WWE this late in the game either. Roman Reigns would have been perfect as the guy to stop The Authority since they were building up to a HHH/Reigns match last year, but...
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  12. Ever since Sting interfered the first time, I figured there would be a match between Sting and HHH at Wrestlemania. Them having a confrontation at Fastlane strengthens that prediction even more. I don't anticipate them having a match until then but maybe some brawls and additional confrontations from now until then.
  13. Shower sex and a divorce.
  14. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon team up with a youth counselor to help Sting win back the respect of his gay son.
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  15. Sting attacks triple H, points at Mania sign, or, Triple H issues the challenge.
  16. Seems almost too simple (and predictable.....not that that's always a bad thing):

    Sting and HHH face off at Fast Lane, setting up a match at 'Mania, probably some sort of stipulation that should Sting lose, he's fired (has it even been acknowledged in storyline that he's a WWE employee?...not being an asshole, I just don't remember it being said) or banned from WWE or something along those lines; if Sting wins, he's named Raw GM or WWE Commissioner (my personal favorite choice) or something along those lines.

  17. I want Sting to throw some epic dropkicks at WrestleMania. Dropkicks that would make Ziggler know that Sting is his daddy.
  18. We got a real fuckin Nostradamus over here
  19. Not really sure if a 55 year old man could outshine a 35 year old man when it comes to a dropkick, but I guess we'll see.
  20. It's a little thing called "wishful thinking".
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