What will DB return be like

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  1. Will he fit right back into the main event scene, pick up all the momentum from when he left, be welcomed by the WWE universe who waited patiently for this moment to finally arrive and things carry on like he was never away...

    or have people moved on, will DB be forgotten, his place at the top claimed by someone else?
  2. Daniei Bryan is too 'likable' to be totally forgotten. He has great comedic timing and is an excellent heel.
    His ring work will have to change, but Ric Flair adjusted after his accident and made it work.
    Bryan will get over in much the same fashion as Kurt Angle did.
    If he can work like Ric Flair in the ring and take a page out of Steve Austin circa 2001, he could be as good as ever.

    I can't promise he will peak like he did at WM 30, but nobody hardly ever does.
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  3. :yes:
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  4. It's gonna be pretty simple... DBry's music hits, the place fucking explodes and tears the roof down.
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  5. NON-EXISTENT bwahahahaha
  6. 1) Lame
    2) Cheap Pops
    3) Non-Existent

    One of those 3 would be my guess.
  7. None of those 3 :emoji_wink:
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  8. or he might come back stronger and go after TRIPLE H and take ALL his Anger out on him LOL
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  9. :yes:
  10. Would Daniel Bryan Be Worthy of the WWE Hall of Fame if Forced to Retire?
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  11. WWE would love nothing more than to put a superstar in the Hall of Fame during his/her prime.
    If he retired, he would do so on top intercepting the possibility of seeing a Daniel Bryan who could no longer go.
    It wouldn't be difficult to promote as WWE could legitimately claim him to be the greatest ring worker of this generation.
    Working HBK and Regal into it wouldn't be difficult. Involving Brie Bella would be standard due to her recent push as well.

    Long story short, he'd likely be inducted in 2016 unless The Rock accepts his induction at that time.
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  12. we will see what happens
  13. Ahhh and ooh then yes chants
  14. Inducting Daniel Bryan into the HOF makes absolutely no sense if you base it off of his WWE career. ROH and independent circuit wise maybe, but on a WWE basis, absolutely not.
  15. I think his return would garner some pretty huge pops, but once he's back I can't see him having anywhere near the same over-ness (sorry, I'm not good with words). Yeah he's been injured, but it was the constant screw overs by the authority really fueled the popularity he gained.
  16. Basically.
  17. Koko B. Ware went in, and he accomplished a whole hell of a lot less than Bryan has.
  18. Pretty much. Wrestling isn't a sport, it's entertainment.
    If you take in the totality of the past five years, you'd realize he's accomplished quite a bit for a 5'8 worker who'd never built himself as a cruiser.
    Retiring young creates a mystique that WWE would surely take a advantage of as time moved forward beyond his retirement.
    WWE would eventually goad him into a final match (If they did so with Bret Hart, I wouldn't put it past them to do ask any popular wrestler to give it another go).

    The 'Yes Movement' alone is worth putting into the Hall Of Fame.
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  19. Yep. You could even make a logically sound argument that he's already the biggest overachiever in WWF/E history. Despite his gifted in-ring ability, you need personality, charisma, and a marketable look to make it to the top in WWE, and many people thought Bryan didn't have enough of all three to ever truly break through to the top in WWE, but look at him now. (This is the part where I usually run through all of his accomplishments, but I won't bother since you'll just be reading what you already know.) I'll just say that on top of his numerous accolades, the fact that he ended up coining a chant that it already rapidly becoming the new "What?!" is something special as well.
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