What Will Happen In The Divas Match Tonight?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Star Lord, Oct 6, 2013.

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  1. So this match seems like it could have a few ways of ending due to the current storylines, AJ has held the title for a few months now and not saying that she herself is doing this but creative are making divas storylines relevant again instead of Win No.1 Contenders match, Bitch fight feud, 3 minute PPV match.

    First ending would be the basic, AJ winning clean and continuing the feud to the next person.

    Second we could have Brie going over clean and helping promote Total Divas as champion.

    Now we get into the better finishes, If I am right in interviews and such Nikki explained the fracture in her leg and was estimated to return around this time, So we could have Nikki try and help Brie win the match but costing her it, Brie and Nikki feud as a sister vs sister thing.

    Another would be Eva Marie is Brie's manager too, Eva Marie could cost Brie the match and start a feud there but we all know Eva is not ready for TV but you know WWE and pushing divas with no talent *cough* Kelly Kelly *cough* and it could be Bella's trashing newbie.

    Last and what I hope happens is the Corporate Screwjob! Due to the recent involvement with Brie Bella in the WWE Title feud I could see Brie going over and a backstage segment shows her being stripped of a title for *insert stupid reason here* which basically means they don't want Brie as champion and give it back to AJ furthering the whole Corporation Vs Bryan feud because Brie and Bryan are engaged.

    What do you guys think?
  2. Personally I think you've only made this thread to get people to say AJ is going to lose, and then deathclaw will get annoyed.

    Least I'm honest :true:
  3. Personally I know why I made this and thats to discuss the ending of the match due to the many different endings that could take place due to the unpredictability of the matches on the card, I could care less if someone was to get annoyed due to this thread, This is a wrestling discussion forum.

    At least you can start shit :true:
  4. AJ will just get a clean win probably.. I don't expect much from the divas match. I never do.
  5. Well, I'm not sure. Brie is getting somewhat of a push now that they announced on TV that she and Bryan are going to get married but I'd guess AJ retains.
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