What will happen to Daniel Bryan after WM?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Mar 25, 2012.

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  1. Well, you know he's gonna lose. He will probably get his rematch and lose. I don't think he'll feud with Sheamus afterwards cuz Christian might get a title shot. What will happen with him and AJ? Will he be back to mid-card? Will he get into a feud with someone?
  2. Probably drop down to the midcard, he'll be the next Jericho / Benoit type figure moving up and down the card imo.
  3. He will drop to mid card hell for the next year or so because WWE will have nothing for him to do. Not after WM, but after he's done feuding with Fella
  4. Who says he is losing?

    A wrestlemania YES!YES!YES! Celebration after he wins... After every match cut to his live sex celebration with AJ!!!

    Ratings through the roof
  5. Lmao if anyone was to do a sex celebration it has to be DB with his awesome sex appeal right?

    But yeah, he's losing.
  6. D. Bryan FTW!
  7. I'd be willing to do a friendly wager on that crayo!

    I think Brian goes over at WM
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Losing, to the mid-card. I hope AJ will be pushed in the diva's division, she's getting better imo.
  10. I want D.Bryan to win so sure let's beat, normally I lose when I bet, so maybe the gods will make D Bry win (hopefully).

    But Sheamus is going over, don't cry Punk!
  11. How friendly do u want it to be.... I'll go as high as if Bryan wins, u upgrade my account. If the great white dope wins, I'll actually pay to upgrade it, even though I only use tapatalk.

    How much is it? 5 bucks?
  12. Sure, got a bet with Randy Savage that if Team Teddy wins he gets Legend (since he's already Superstar), if I win he pays. Same will go for you but for superstar (yeah $5).

    Quote this and save it in your user cp notepad. Then we won't forget :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.
  13. I won't forget. I'm good like that.

    I always pay up on wagers.
  14. Oh snap! Makin' deals bout upgradinship ova here!
  15. Yeah. I figure if I ever choose to come to the forum on my computer. It's be an upgrade.....
  16. Out of curiosity why not use a computer now?
  17. I'm never home. I work full time In a group home and then afterwards I go to my store.
    I am part owner of a gaming store.
  18. Oh wow lucky! Do you practically get to take home any games you want for free?

  19. Www.facebook.com/darksidegames

    Basically it like GameStop and a cyber cafe had a love child!

    Plus, we are showing wrestlemania!!
  20. So awesome!
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