What will happen to Swaggie now?

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  1. So last night Swaggie said he was taking time off. Jack Swagger is one of my favorite under utilized wrestlers, he has the right size, tremendous ring skills and athletic ability. His mic skills aren't the best but they aren't horrible either. Is he going away for good or will he come back with a tweaked gimmick?
  2. I could see WWE cutting ties with him depending on what type of contract he has.
  3. Then we'll never have Swaggie time again :sad:
  4. He could just take his talents to Orlando
  5. Would he be a hit in TNA though? How would they utilize Angle Jr?
  6. Don't know what will happen. WWE just basically takes a former world champion and made him the ultimate jobber. Honestly, he can't get any lower then he is right now.
  7. They made the signing of Chavo seem like a big deal.. I'm sure they would have something for a former WHC from WWE.
  8. An Angle vs Swagger feud could be interesting.

    I am hoping that his is just like the MVP face turn a while back and the time off is to repackage Swagger.
  9. Not a huge fan of Swagger on the mic, but I do appreciate it would be a stupid move on the part of WWE to get rid. So here is hoping it's a gimmick change and he comes back and seems a lot more threatening which is what I feel he lacks at times.
  10. Wasn't MVP's face turn a massive failure?

    I just think Swagger should go to SD and be treated better booking wise. No reason he shouldn't be in an upper mid card gate keeper type role. this jobbing to everyone and their dog business is ridiculous


    Swagger talking is hilarious & win
  11. I think Swagger doesn't have much of a gimmick to begin with. He's got this I'm an All-American thing going and it's kind of boring. I don't know if WWE wanted to package him as an imitation Kurt Angle but it's not working for him. I think he's taking time off to maybe do one of those WWE films. Hopefully he'll come back with a new persona and some fresh moves.
  12. Swagger has a lot of similarities with early Lesnar, both are amateur wrestling prodigies and they have size that would work to their advantages with threatening opponents. Also both of them have their mic skills as their legitimate flaws.
  13. simple solution could be to give Swagger a GOOD manager.
  14. Oh like Vickie?
  15. He's getting repackaged. You don't just take someone who's about to be fired and give him a full segment on RAW saying he's leaving for a bit. That's the introduction to a storyline, he'll be repackaged and return as something different. Good.

    Stopspot I'm sorry, but Swagger is nothing like Lesnar. Swagger doesn't LOOK like a world wide star, Swagger doesn't have the freakish strength like Lesnar. His mic skills are a lot worse than Lesnar's and that's staying something, lol. They both did amateur wrestling, that's it really.
  16. So a 6ft6 amateur wrestling prodigy isn't threatening to you? Well don't we have balls of steel over there. I will agree that Swagger doesn't have the freakish strength of the borkasaurus but that does not take away from the fact that Swagger is a big guy who could probably rip most guys a new one in a fight. And I disagree on the mic skills. I prefer Swagger on the mic over Brock every day, mainly because Brock's voice sounds so fucking misplaced it makes me want to laugh. Swagger isn't horrible on the mic, people are using a minor speech impediment as the main reason to clank on his mic skills. He can cut good promos we have seen that before. And whats this about Swagger looking like a star? That I never stated, I stated that Swagger has a size advantage that makes him look threatening when facing a smaller guy, like Brock. Brock has a star look but that is mainly from him being a genetic freak.

    And yeah it is quite obvious he is being repackaged. Maybe it will be he that faces Cesaro at NOC since Santino won't get a match then.
  17. Stopspot

    Yes a 6ft 6 wrestling prodigy is a threat to me, but to other wrestlers the way Swagger is packaged? NO!
  18. He'll stay out for a while and be repackaged. Allow me to steal a quote from the place that shall not be named.

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