What will Happen to tensai..

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  1. once Clay goes completely heel and they have to split...


    what are your ideas?
  2. Why will they have to split? Tensai could turn with him. Jobber till he retires now. Maybe they get a tag-team championship match but they won't win the titles.
  3. Tension has been doing some more announcer stuff on NXT. Perhaps he will be around developmental more.
  4. I think he'll be used to put over a couple fresh,new talents once him and Brodus split.
    I could also see him being used as a trainer for the developmental talents.
  5. Hopefully they don't misuse him. Always strangely been a fan of A-Train. Having him as a trainer's a good idea Vintage bro
  6. Yeah I could see Tension helping out in the Performance Center.
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    Damn it, I thought I typed Tensai last night. Stupid auto correct

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  8. back to japan hopefully
  9. Turn with Brodus and become a monster team. They have great dynamic for that.
  10. Why would WWE turn tons of fuck? Clearly the team is going nowhere either way so why remove the smiley babyface that kids love?>
  11. Because with The Usos, the Rhodes brothers, Prime Time Players, Woods + Truth being babyface, they need more heel tag-teams.

    Wouldn't say that Tons of Fuck were over with anyone as well.
  12. Because they are replacing them with Woods. They are already teasing heel brodus
  13. I just assumed they sell kiddie merch or why are they even a thing?
  14. So as a heel team, what could their name be? Stick with tons of something? New gimmicks?

    I kind of think they should just become singles jobbers/developmental support. I mean, I've only known Brodus from his current gimmick previous to and including the formation of Tons of Funk. Has he ever done anything else?
  15. Tons of Fuck could be their heel name.
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  16. Maybe if this was the attitude era, not the rated PG era
  17. Tons of Fawk? :hmm:
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  18. Hm. Assuming this doesn't just fizzle out, either Brodus is turning or both of them are turning, with recent weeks clearly hinting towards Clay being the only one who turns. But both are possible. Assuming Brodus turns on Tensai, he'll just be a low carder jobber for the end of his career and will probably help out with developmental too. I don't see relevance for him after this teams ends, whether both turn or only Clay. And I think the ideal finish to this feud should be Xavier going over Brodus in a singles match, finally overcoming the monster heel.
  19. I imagine at first we will see truth and woods ( goat last name btw) feud against team fat. After that Team fat might feud, and then I dunno.

    Excellent post that gets us no where.
  20. Going off how great creative are at the min Brodus will be face again this week with no recollection or mention of the hinted turn.
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