What Will Main Event The PPV?

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  1. Will it be the WWE Title match between John Cena and Mark Henry, or the All Stars MITB Ladder match?

    Except for last week, Cena/Henry hasn't closed out a single show this entire build, which just makes me think that regardless of how good the build has been, it is indeed just a filler feud for Cena whereas they'd rather put the main hype to the All Stars MITB match. I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see ladder match go on last, especially with it being promoted as an "All Stars" match, and it is a gimmick that is tied to the PPV name, after all. And if Daniel Bryan wins the case and this sets up Cena/Bryan for Summerslam and/or if Brock Lesnar makes an appearance in the match, then yeah, either or both of those things going down in the final match of the night gives them a more epic feel. Putting the ladder match on last gives the whole match a more epic feel (in that case, I think they should open up the show with the other MITB match, to give the PPV an open-and-close sort of feeling in regards to the gimmick of the PPV.)

    I know logic might indicate that Cena will main event regardless come the PPV but I'm not so sure. And if he only goes second last, then any hope anyone has about Henry winning the title is pretty much crushed. I never saw him as having a realistic shot anyway, but if it doesn't even close the show, then I can't see Cena's title win that began with his victory over The Rock at Wrestlemania being ended as a lead in to the actual main event of the card.
  2. I'm pretty sure the All Star MITB ladder match will close the PPV but the Henry/Cena bout should. While it may just be a filler feud it would be better if it were the main event because it would have the feel that the winner of the All Stars MITB ladder match could cash in.
  3. Cena/Henry will. On Raw they hyped the chance of the MITB match winner cashing in later that night, so they will want to have that aspect in play following Henry/Cena.
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  4. Well I noticed that a lot of you guys assume Daniel Bryan'll be facing Cena at Summerslam. If they were to do that, the quickest way to set that up would be to have Bryan win MITB and cash in on Cena who might get attacked by Henry afterwards or pretend to be injured from lifting up Henry for his finisher. Basing it on just that I would say MITB goes on before Cena/Henry. If not that I would put the All-Star MITB in the main event just because it'll be the more exciting match and it'll wear the crowd out, leaving with little to no energy for Cena/Henry which is not what that match needs at all from a wrestling stand point.
  5. I don't believe Bryan would cash in on Cena to set up their actual match at Summerslam. It makes a ton more sense to have Bryan do as RVD did in '06, which is win the briefcase and then use it to issue a direct challenge to Cena for the next PPV. Bryan doesn't seem like one to try a quick grab for the world title and if they wanna keep Bryan baby face (which I'd imagine they do), then it makes much more sense to want to win the belt in the most legitimate way. Besides, has Bryan even mentioned how he'll cash in on the champion when they're vulnerable?
  6. Bryan already cashed in for the WHC at TLC. I think the fans are firmly on his side to where they can risk having him cash in on Cena
  7. Henry/Cena. The WWE championship is always the main event

  8. That was against the larger Big Show. It made more sense considering the size difference, even while it was still a baby face cashing in on another baby face.

    With his recent story line of proving he can hang with anyone straight up by getting clean victories over Randy Orton and Sheamus (both guys who rarely job and are hugely protected, the latter of who even defeated Bryan for his first world title belt in 18 seconds) and being the main reason The Shield suffered their first loss, I see it far less plausible for him to try a cash in on Cena. More to the point though, it's more interesting to have Bryan win the case and then tell Cena afterwards that even though Cena was weak and vulnerable after his title defense against Henry, he opted not to cash in on him because he knows he can defeat him in a straight up match, and the last thing he wants when he wins the world title is for people to doubt him as a credible world champion. It would also play right into the new found arrogance he has about himself, believing he doesn't need a cheap cash in to become champ.

    There's been several times when the WWE Title hasn't headlined (almost all of Punk's title defenses, for example.) However, I'm also hoping that Cena/Henry headlines as I feel the championship should main event as much as possible.
  9. AJ vs. Kaitlyn will main event. No, seriously. I did originally think that the MITB would main event, what with the huge star power, the return of RVD, Cena/Henry hasn't closed a RAW and possible interferance from Lesnar and/or Heyman, but Dolph'sZiggler brought up a very good point in the fact that Randy Orton teased that if he won he's cash in later that night, therefor meaning Cena/Henry would main event.
  10. It's not like cashing in is a heel move, it is just smart. I don't think fans respond to the cheesy good guy 'hey I'll lyk when our match is. bro fist' like Cena did. It is just corny, really.

    DB's character could easily cash in, especially since he has been being a dick lately.
  11. It's corny only depending on how it's expressed. I'm not imagining Bryan saying it to Cena in a way that would enunciate that he is ABOVE cashing in on someone when they're down, just that he isn't taking that route in this case because his plan isn't just to become champion, it's to prove he's better than John Cena when up against him toe to toe in the ring. (It does go along better with being a baby face, though.)

    Like I said in my previous post, he could even tell Cena that he had the perfect opportunity to cash in on him at MITB but he chose not to. If anything, it could add to his cockiness and over confidence, as if he's telling him that he could be WWE Champion right now but he'd rather beat Cena when he is in perfect condition, so that he'll have no excuses. I realize that even IF Bryan cashed in, he could still prove he's better than Cena in the rematch but it's better from a story point of view to me to build up to Bryan's first possible WWE Title win in the actual main event of a major PPV. I like the idea of guys' first world title win meaning something, and the MITB feature of cashing in when someone is down is a tiresome way of doing it for me at this point. We've seen The Miz, Del Rio, Edge, CM Punk and Jack Swagger all get their first world title win this way. I'd much rather Bryan go the RVD route, especially when you can rely on the other MITB winner for the quick cash in option.
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