What will make you stop watching the WWE?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by PSachkovsky, Feb 6, 2013.

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  1. I so many people say that if "that" or "this" will happen, they will stop watching the WWE. My question is for all of you, what will be a HUGE reason for you to actually stop watching the show?
  2. I stopped. In 2009.
  3. I cant say for sure, but Cena beating the Rock at Mania would probably do it for me, which is probably going to happen, so it looks like i have a few months left. I haven't been watching on a regular basis for awhile anyway so it wont be too hard to stop.
  4. Cena Beating Rock is a good one, but I think that Never making Cesaro or Barrett world champs is another strong one,
    Well Trips always buries the good ones so... :cornette:
  5. John Cena breaking Undertaker's streak.

    Otherwise, I've already stopped watching full time. I haven't tuned into Raw and Smackdown regularly every week since November 2005. I only keep up with the results or watch the shows (Raw mostly) for a limited time before I get bored again with tuning in regularly every week. I only really care about the main story lines these days. Looking back, I'm so glad I skipped 2007-2010, most things in those years seems so boring.
  6. I don't know if I could ever give it up completely, it's been a part of my life since I was very young. I can get mad at it, I can dislike it for a time, but I don't think I could ever say goodbye forever.
  7. Bryan Danielson ever losing a match to sheamus in under 20 seconds again, and i'm out.
  8. Gave up on it 10 years ago. Watching the Royal Rumble last week settled my curiousity, still a terrible show.
  9. Not really sure. I think when I don't have fun anymore when I'm watching, I don't think there's one result that would simply make me stop.
  10. Ziggler not getting a serious push to the top and within the next year or so. He's basically the only thing I'm emotionally invested in within the product, and 99.99% of the product is dog shit anyway.

    meh, Ziggler leaving is the only thing that would stop me I guess. No matter what he's doing I'll always keep up with him.
  11. Virtually nothing.

    "Remember, you're here forever".
  12. John Cena breaking The Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak, if he does with a heel turn, I may accept it, otherwise WWE Can kiss my ass Goodbye forever.
  13. mark ass bitch mo' fucka
  14. Dolph's Ziggler marking for CM Punk. I thrive on his hate for Punk, without it life is meaningless.
  15. I've been saying really kind things about Punk lately. I remember just last week how I was mentioning that he didn't suck nearly as much as Randy Orton does.
  16. /me is watching New Japan Pro Wrestling
    What was that? I couldn't hear you over Japanese men yelling.
  17. That's what I am :otunga:
  18. Hmmm. When Vince Russo becomes the head of creative team maybe? LOL. Probably when I don't have time to watch or when the streak is over.
  19. I don't think I ever will. I would say when Ziggler or The Miz quits or gets fired but that won't happen for years. Even then I'd probably still watch it. I thought I would have stopped when Jeff left but I didn't so I don't think I ever will. Unless I'm able to actually fulfill my dream and become a WWE superstar.
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