What will RAW do for 3 hours?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Donald Trump_, May 22, 2012.

  1. RAW in 2 hours is struggling for a below average rating. What hope does a 3 hour RAW have; 1.9 ratings? :cry:
  2. They'll have to improve the shows, otherwise their ratings will go down for sure. But I'm sure they'll stop doing three-hour shows as soon as possible.
  3. Suck.
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  4. 23 minutes: Commercials
    20 minutes: Michael Cole Twitter Plugs
    2 minutes: Brodus Clay (Big Show 2) Squash
    10 minutes: Extra Big Show Promo Time
    5 minutes: John Cena Make-A-Wish Ad
  5. We already get 23 minutes of commercial time in a 2 hour show. 3 hours should bring us roughly 35 minutes of commercial time
  6. suck for an extra hour? WWE doesnt give a shit about ratings, they've proven that by keeping Cena the poster boy for 6 years
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  7. This. But Cole hardly mentions twitter anymore. Apparently WWE listened to us for once. Twitter is only shown if someone is trending and it's occasionally mentioned. They don't tell us to tweet anymore which is fantastic.

    The rest you're spot on with. You forgot recaps of previous segments though.
  8. -10 minutes of commercials
    +10 minutes of recaps

    The only reason I mentioned Twitter is the whole "We're going to be more interactive now!" potential catastrophe.
  9. I'm hoping that's the bullshit wwe.com polls they occasionally do. If it's like TNA-PPV style twitter whoring I'll be so freaking pissed.
  10. Showcase all the impact talent that just left? Is it true Samoa joe and Morgan left?

  11. where did you hear this?
  12. My buddy found it on another site. its not confirmed.


    Joe Seanoa [email protected]
    Interesting developements today, might be headed abroad soon. Hopefully to get into a scrap with a old nemesis.
  13. actually i am tired of hoping that WWE will change its way of doing the business, i mean the action in Raw and Smackdown and the storyline of course. But day after day, WWE keeps failing in my opinion..

    i am getting sicker and sicker of WWE

    right 3 hours, meaning extra hour of crap :emoji_slight_frown: :emoji_slight_frown: :emoji_slight_frown:
  14. Just be excited for the new NXT :emoji_slight_smile:
  15. Hopeful something good!

  16. NXT can go to hell. :upset::dawg:
  17. :annoyed:
  18. Why should the good show WWE is putting out go to hell?
  19. I hope WWE does something good for once with this three-hour shows. Which has a 5% chance of happening at best, it tends to harm WWE more than benefit it.
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