What will Ryder do as next week’s General Manager of SmackDown?

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  1. What will Ryder do as next week’s General Manager of SmackDown?


    Even the most positive members of the WWE Universe would have to agree that it has been a tough year thus far for Zack Ryder. But with one fell swoop on Tuesday night, Long Island Iced-Z may very well have made up for the past six months’ worth of two counts, chokeslams and heartbreak. (WATCH ZACK RYDER'S GREATEST MOMENTS PLAYLIST)

    Ryder’s huge victory in the 20-Man Battle Royal on SuperSmackDown LIVE: The Great American Bash gave the Superstar a much-needed confidence boost, and earned him the opportunity to become the Interim General Manager of SmackDown next week. (WATCH WWE.COM EXCLUSIVE)

    With Ryder’s big win in the rearview, now the WWE Universe is left to wonder what the self-made YouTube sensation might do with his newfound power, and whether or not he will be able to guide the show in the right direction. Remember that Ryder has some experience in the GM role — he was Teddy Long’s assistant for a while, so he knows how the ship is supposed to sail.

    Additionally, Ryder, who is a clear-cut fan-favorite, has garnered a huge following online thanks to his insanely popular — and highly creative — YouTube series, "Z! True Long Island Story." As such, he has plenty of experience as a producer, considering Zack is a jack of all trades with regard to his beloved show.

    That said, what can the SmackDown faithful expect from Ryder when he takes the reins next week? We’ll have to tune in to see, but there’s undoubtedly a short list of Superstars Ryder might well take umbrage with. The Big Red Monster jumps directly to mind. Will Ryder force Kane into some diabolical match stipulation as payback for the months of torment he suffered at the hands of The Devil’s Favorite Demon?

    On that note, will Long Island Iced-Z perhaps seek retribution against Big Show, who in a display of frustration and rage viscously attacked both Ryder and Santino Marella on the June 1 episode of SmackDown? And what about Eve? The sultry Diva broke Zack’s heart earlier in the year, and now that Big Johnny’s gone, she seems to be angling her way back into the good graces of Teddy Long. Will Eve attempt to “woo” Ryder next week, and if so, will Zack pay her any attention?

    Or will Ryder go in the opposite direction in his Interim GM role, and bring a Long Island-style party to Friday night? As fans of his web series well know, Ryder’s a fun-loving Superstar with lots of eccentric friends. Perhaps the WWE Universe will get surprise appearances by some of Ryder’s family and friends.

    So, will Ryder seek a retribution road, or will it be a Broski bash next Friday night? Be sure to check out his debut as Interim General Manager next week on SmackDown to see how it all shakes out.

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  2. Stop double posting :serious:
  3. First bot thread outside the section. It's a good question, what's the purpose of Ryder being GM people?
  4. Filling in because the GM they wanted can only do Raw?
  5. Establish him on Smackdown where he can be used I hope.
  6. I don't know, kinda forgot about that he would become GM after he won the BR.
  7. Grant Santino an WHC Match

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    I wish
  8. Deffo get revenge on Eve and Kane.
  9. Defend his internet title against Smosh.
  10. only you wish :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  11. Only you on this entire planet would want that.
  12. It's funny to think Santino did take place in one earlier this year. :jeritroll:
  13. Damn, I wanted to see other people's reaction for this thread being outside of the bot section. :jericho:

    Ryder will just do stupid thing with Eve. More feud with with Sandow probably.
  14. I dont think he's going to anything big. Hopefully a few good matches will be made
  15. Its obvious guys. He is going to challenge Santino to a Jersey Shore Beach Volleyball match for the U.S. Title
  16. He's just going to say woo woo woo a few times, and announce matches that he's had no say in making
  17. You make it sound so easy Peds :emoji_wink:
  18. cause it's very easy
  19. Obvious. Make tag team matches. He was Teddy's assistant after all.
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  20. I hope you're wrong. I'll be reading the spoilers first.
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