WrestleMania What will Shawn do then?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Feb 24, 2012.

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  1. Well he had an interview on wwe.com yesterday (or today) and has apparently got "irate" when asked the question if he's better than HHH - leads me to believe he still has a role in the Taker vs HHH feud. So what is it?

    Special guest referee? Perhaps we'll see him screw HHH? If Undertaker wins not cleanly that would make me equally as mad as him not winning at all.

  2. Something special needs to happen and all I can think of is Shawn costing HHH the match as a sign it's time to "hang them up". I can't think of anything else that's remotely plausible.
  3. I think one is unnecessary if that happens. Just HIAC or just HBK as special ref. Both just feels underwhelming.
  4. I'd love to see HBK added into the match. A sort of DX vs Taker match is promoted by the commentators but you can see throughout the build up HBK isn't too happy with HHH, thus having him cost HHH the match (only way HHH will want to lose -.-) and having HHH vs HBK next year at WM.
  5. I want him to stay out of it.

    As much as I respect the guy for everything he's done for the company and he'll always be a legend he not go anywhere near this match. It should just be a 1 on 1. I'll be really disappointed if it isn't.
  6. Why though? HHH vs Taker part III is much more entertaining with HBK involved in my opinion.
  7. HBK is futile for the match, especially now when it's the HIAC (hellyeah!). He just needs to be involved in the build, not in the match.
  8. Shawn will probably end up being the special guest referee and he'll probably try to help HHH by SCM the Undertaker but Taker will kick out or just do the sit up thing he does.

    or, and idk why I thought this, it could go back to the first HIAC match ever where Kane will come down and either help HHH or Taker and then Shawn will come out and help whoever Kane didn't...i don't think this will happen as much a my first guess but you never know especially since it's looking like Kane will have nothing to do at WM...unless he's not around or gets invovled with Rock/Cena somehow
  9. Kane trying to screw Taker, Shawn comes out and levels HHH with a superkick. Could be decent but a bit Vince Russo style.
  10. If Kane isnt booked to wrestle anyone at Wrestlemania i believe he will get involved at the Rock vs Cena match. Maybe help Cena, because Cena finally learned to hate, and give Cena a dirty win vs Rock? Then we see Rock vs Kane at Summerslam, Rock leaves with a win. That way Rock way Rock wouldnt be devalued because he will win before leaving, and Cena wouldnt get devalued either.

    However i still feel Rock vs Cena will end up in a Rock win.

    And on topic, Shawn will be the guest referee prob. I would love to see him as a Stone Cold type of referee, not favouring anyone, but also taking no shit from either wrestler.
  11. No one is interfering in Rock vs Cena, that part is obvious.
  12. It's Triple H vs Undertaker. It's the last of the old breed. It's a hell in a cell. It's probably Undertaker's last match. Just, let them battle it out.

    Shawn needs to stay far away. This match will be entertaining enough without a swerve. It's not WCW, Russo isn't there. Just let's have a real wrestling match for once.
  13. "This match will be entertaining enough"

    Adding an overused gimmick to a match that's already happened twice doesn't make it better. The match last year was completely overrated, it doesn't even break into the top 5 best matches from last year in my opinion. Watch it again and analyse it.

    For me the build up has been embarrassingly bad, including their encounter from last year.

    Sure the match will be entertaining but only because of the outcome, will the streak end? It'll piss 98% of fans if the streak did end, and if it doesn't end will anyone really be surprised?

  14. Im pretty sure u would much rather see Alex Riley fight against the Undertaker, judging by ur lack of intelligence as i have seen so far in this forum. But trust me, most people are looking forward to it.

  15. I want Taker to go at least 20-0 than let a legit upcoming star beat him.
  16. Imagine if they started building Barrett up now to beat Taker next year. My god he'd be set for life.

  17. I was actually thinking that... they'd have to do a lot of shit to whip him up into that kind of wrestler within a year.
  18. Just give him a mic for 10 minutes every week and he's at that level.
  19. So true. Give him a dominant title reign too going over some big names cleanly, and have streak vs title match perhaps.
  20. Dude, this is Wrestle F'N Mania, you think people will care about an overused gimmick when the they see the Cell, when they hear the Cell music, when Taker and Trips (the biggest HIAC legends) collide? No one will care about WWE's embarrasing treatment of the gimmick, they will want to see them tear the stadium down, the build will not matter, the last year's match will not matter. Taker and Trips even crossed the line last year, just imagine what will they do inside the CELL.
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