WrestleMania What will the tag team champs be doing? Rumoured plan in this thread.

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  2. EWW!

    So either A) Ziggler and Big Z win the belts, which only weakens "future world champ" Ziggler IMO, B) THN doesn't break up here and retains the belts, breaking up later, or C) They break up and retain anyway then drops the straps to some other slapnuts on Raw.

    Plus, Ziggler's supposed to be a "breakout star", right? That's why he has the briefcase? Well it would be a good idea to spotlight him at Mania you twats
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  3. Just make team hell no lose the titles asap at a house show and also have kane and bryan fight the same night to get this shit over with. Then have Bryan vs Jericho in a ultimate submission match at mania.
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  4. Looks like Meltzer saw my thread last night and based his dirtsheet report off of it.
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  5. No way, you're way too credible and "inside" for Meltzer
  6. inb4 AJ turns on ziggs, saves DB , and makes up for what she did last year.
  7. I like that idea of AJ turning on Ziggs but the tag match idea seems a bit crap. I would rather Team hell no defended against The Rhodes Scholars
  8. lol RS are buried as fuck by Team Ginger Bored man.
  9. Thinking about this a little more... the archaic ass WWE Tag Match Formula means that D-Bry will spend most of the time in the ring. And Big Z Jackson only knowing 3 moves means Dolph will have to carry his team.

    So those hoping for Ziggler-Bryan are probably getting it.
  10. Wanted the Outlaws. :downer:
  11. I like Pop's idea. Scrap the rest of everything WWE style and have Bryan vs Jericho at Wrestlemania.
  12. Ehh don't really know what do think about it. Would be interesting to have Ziggler win both the tag team belts and world heavyweight championship belts, but I'm unsure WWE would do that to Dolph. This idea doesn't really make me mad, nor do I like it. It's just meh.
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