What will you eat tonight when watching the Rumble?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Jan 27, 2013.

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  1. Go.
  2. Aero chocolate bars x5 (The big ones) £1 bars.
    Cheese Puffs x3
    Coca-Cola, Cheeryade, Irn Bru, Yazoo
    3 x Haribo
    I have a pack of 5 donoughts from Co-Op
    4x Chocolate Muffins
    and possibly a Pizza, you?
  3. popcorn,
    chicken nuggets and french fries,
    I have some cake and I can also make grilled cheese sandwiches.
  4. Lol
    I will be drinking red bull , in silence ... 2AM stuff u know ...
  5. I have some leftover pizza and breadsticks from yesterday I'll probably eat...maybe some popcorn later on. As far as drinks I really only have milk, water, and orange juice in my house so the drink I choose won't be very interesting lol.
  6. Leftover pizza, big gulp of chocolate shake (made with Xanth's hairy breast milk). #LifeInTheMancave
  7. Gonna order Chinese then keep it for the rumble. Gonn go to tesco and spend my remaining £13.50 on snacks and cola.
  8. Pizza and beer.
  9. Won't watch until Rock-Plunk. :awyeah:

    But yeah, I'll certainly eat until then while drinking simultaneously.
  10. My favorite brand of cereal and a nice milo to start my day.
  11. Probably nothing. It's not like the RR is some big event in my life.

    Now next week for the Super Bowl we be eating and partying fasho
  12. Ever eat out an old woman?
    Ever pull apart a grilled cheese sandwich?

    Your welcome!
  13. Not pussy, i can assure you of that much at least.
  14. I think I might pick up a sixer for tonight actually.
  15. Last night drinking/smoking for 10 weeks (some program i could win 1k and some packer vip tickets...which i would sell...for winning) so ill be down.

    Who needs food when you have beer, its got everything you need to survive.
  16. It really does. God bless beer. empty carbs ftmfw
  17. Will be watching it tomorrow coz I'm hipster.

    Domino's Pizza
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  18. You rebel. :neymar2:
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