What would be awesome at EC * to me*

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by TheBestCup, Feb 16, 2014.

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  1. So EC will start out with the IC title match with Zeb getting involved with the match so Swagger wins IC title. Then we move on to a shield promo you know saying they are going to beat the Wyatt family. Next we see a jobber match I dont know who ? So now a Wyatt family promo Bray is saying the shield is more ego than team and that they are brothers . Now a tag team title match New Age Outlaws vs the Usos New Age Outlaws retain .
    Now the shield vs Wyatt family its a war but heres the thing the shield * Ambrose and Roman * are yelling at each other while Seth is fighting Bray then Bray tags in Luke while Ambrose and Roman are still yelling at each other BOOM huge clothesline to Seth Wyatts win. Main event time the EC * Brock Lesnar comes out to attack Christian . So it starts outwith Cesaro and Bryan Orton comes out Brock comes out everyone guns for Brock Sheamus comes out Sheamus is first one one out then comes super Cena then Cena is out then Orton is out Brock is almost dead by getting beat up for most for the match Brock is out then Bryan Cesaro wins EC THE END .
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  2. @crayo where have you been advertising this forum? so many dumb users have joined lately, no offence bro.
  3. Shut up Brad and appreciate the expert analysis.
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    I'm a new user, I am about to graduate with my Psychology degree from Plymouth University in the UK, I already have published research in Social Psychology with two professors at the University. I have a conditional offer for a Masters programme at the same University in Clinical Psychology...You need to give new users a chance to adapt to the forum.

    In other words screw you dude ..."No offence"

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