Theories What would be needed to obtain World Peace?

Discussion in 'Serious Topics & Debates' started by CM Punk, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. Now in my opinion, I think World Peace is impossible. Now most people would factor the number one reason being race and religion, which in a sense can be true, but not in it's entirety.

    People usually classify a race/religion pretty easily.

    Blacks = Thieves
    Muslims = Terrorists
    Mexicans = Illegal Immigrants

    You get the jist of it. But then I myself classify it as two types of people. Which are good people and bad people. Because basically what people do is generalize, which causes hatred. Only 13% of black people take up America. Do people think all of them are committing crimes? To be fair, there would be less crime rates, but this is the way people think.

    Ex. 7/10 Blacks commit crime in comparison to 3/10 White People

    They see that and say black people are bad, but then by seeing that larger number, they basically ignore white people crime rates.

    In Canada white people commit more rape than black people.

    So when people say eliminate that race or religion, I think it's stupid. To obtain world peace, we'd have to eliminate a lot of stuff, religion not being one of them. In a sense, you can say Islamic people promotes violence and whatnot.

    In the 2005 UK bombing, 88% Muslims opposed the bombing, 6% agreed with it and 4% felt sympathy towards the bombers.

    So would people consider the entire religion the threat or just the radicals/extremists who commend the act?

    In conclusion, I don't know what the hell would be needed to obtain world peace. If we eliminated religion, we still wouldn't have world peace. If we eliminated a certain race, we still wouldn't have world peace. You see where I'm going with this?
  2. It's not possible.
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  3. It could be possible if religions didn't exist, or if there weren't any unnecessary wars. That'll never come to pass though, as long as religion is a thing and the temptations of war are around there will always be turmoil somewhere.
  4. Easy solution. Everyone minds their own business. Like, if the US had just stayed the fuck out of other countries, no one would hate us. No one would want war with us.
  5. Alien invasion.
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    I don't know why you would want him though, he is clearly finished as a player.
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  8. This 'he' is world peace himself..

  9. I'm an idiot, fml lmao.
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  10. World Peace? Yeah, like that's ever gonna happen.
  11. Unlimited resources and no more religion. Humans are violent bastards, but they are also cowards, if there's nothing to gain and no moral high-ground to keep, then they're probably just cower in the zone of comfort
  12. There is no peace. Not with humans at least. Remove all the bad ones right now, and the sickness will return eventually.
  13. I know you haven't been on here in forever but I am quoting you anyways!

    I feel like this is the most accurate reply to the topic I have seen online. Even if we somehow got rid of the "bad people" we all still have evil in us and are fully capable of doing evil things at anytime. Even if we don't act on said things, we all still think evil things. So yeah, eventually it would return. No amount of human effort can create world peace.


    However, if we focus on smaller communities and keeping our own local areas "more at peace", it would result in a more stable world. Problem is, most people look at the big picture. People look at the world for problems instead of focusing on their own direct community. This tends to make the ideas and actions of racism, religious prejudice, ect. a bigger problem then it really is. Gathering small amounts of data here and there to form larger numbers will make anything look like a bigger problem than it really is.

    Instead of fighting these things on a larger scale, we should be handling it more localized. And instead of attacking everyone who doesn't agree with you on something, you show them with actions why their thought process is not correct or "wrong". Give them a reason to consider things outside of themselves. It is no different than raising a child. A child will not do and learn as you say, they will do as you do. Lead by example. You want positive change in the world you have to be the positive change.

    We may never have world peace but you can greatly increase the peace in your own area where you live with simple acts of kindness and showing people you do want to walk in love, light, hope, and charity. You don't make a person believe in God by bashing them over the head with a bible. You do it by living a life that makes them question their belief and allow them the freedom to do so. You can apply this to anything (I just use that as a primary example). You attract more flies with honey than you do with vinegar, so to speak.

    Thought this was an interesting debate thread so I am bumping it.
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