What would be the greatest moment in WWE?

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  1. What do you guys think would be the greatest moment in WWE.
  2. For me personally it was the Foley vs Taker match at KOTR the two bumps Foley took in that match are just something that amaze me to this day and something I admit I talk bout a lot but for me theres just nothing like that!
  3. Hogan slamming Andre still amazes me especially when you see how less mobile Andre was and the injuries Hogan had from it.
  4. John Cena vs. Big Show at Wrestlemania 20 would be the true beginning of Cena's Era. His first major championship win was at the peak of his Thuganomics gimmick and would create a legion of devoted fans thereafter. The spinner belt would arise and Cena would only go up from this point.

  5. The WWE had long over taken the NWA before the AE and WCW had long since rescinded so that's no really correct. The NWA wasn't that big after the late 80 / early 90's when Ted Turner bought out JCP.
  6. Thanks for correcting me. I honestly didn't know anything before 2000, but I figured I would get away with BSing it. I deleted it so know one else sees me make an ass of myself.
  7. I feel bad now :sad: It was a great moment though.
  8. meh. it doesn't matter. Cena and Show was my favorite anyway. The other 2 were to make me look smark.
  9. The Austin 3:16 speech at KOTR '96 is one of my favorite moments. It was the very beginning of Austin's eventual rise to super stardom.
  10. This.

    There is plenty of epic moments. Austin's hose was so freaking epic. All Austin vs Rock moments. Austin vs Vince. As you can see I'm a huge Austin mark.
  11. Austin/Hart with Austin refusing to tap, passing out, and the whole situation/double switch is the closest thing I can come up with to the greatest moment of all time.
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  12. Great post, liked.
  13. Shawn michales turning on janetty.

    The wrestling clinic that Kurt angle had with janetty on smackdown during angles feud with Michaels. Fantastic match!

    Austin Aries vs zima Ion last night...
    Fantastic match!
  14. Stone Cold beat HBK at WM14 for the and winning the WWE Champion for the 1st Time! And that BETTON LINE B/C STONE COLD SAYS SO!
  15. That match was too predictable... All of us watching knew it was Shawn's last match at the time because of his back issues
  16. Still started the reign of the GOAT! :emoji_slight_smile:
  17. I will go with Taker vs Mankind too..
    Shocks me everytime. Especialy when you know the truth about it after I saw Foley's documentary.
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