What would be your attire if you were a professional wrestler?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Nov 9, 2012.

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  1. What would your style be? What would/wouldn't you wear?

  2. Anything but this type:


    I want my bottoms to be a little longer. And I don't want my bra showing. Just like Kelly's Push-ups! :emoji_slight_smile:)
  3. Probably wear something like this.

  4. Probably this.

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    Xanth [​IMG]
  5. I'd wear the usual trunk schtick, with a variety of different colours but always keeping green and white on them somehow, usually the primary colours. Oh, and possibly some tights on underneath, I'd be scared of my Hampton Wick making an unwelcomed appearance.
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  6. Exactly the same as Kane, circa 2003.
  7. [​IMG]

    Without the armbands and add fingerless gloves.
  8. Long tights, boots, fingerless gloves and a vest for the entrance.
  9. Wrestling pants ala Shawn Michaels after his return, but without the crosses.
  10. Ministry era Taker or Sting (crow version)
  11. [​IMG]

    and some knee pads too
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  12. I'd go with what Cody Rhodes and without kneepads for as long as I could... then I'd switch to the Orton look
  13. Basically, Sonya Blade's MK9 attire but with elbow pads.
  14. I'd just wrestle in ordinary clothes, like a normal shirt (I have a long sleeve shirt that is really loose and comfy) and normal pants, and a pair of shoes, obviously. Or maybe just the pants and shoes with no shirt. Cena gets to wrestle in normal jean shorts, I imagine that's probably the most comfortable. I can't imagine myself wearing tights.
  15. Id wear wrestling tights with a sweet design like HBK and kick pads like d bryan. No shirt to show off my bod
  16. I'd have tiple h's theme song that he used around the year 2000 and i'd simply wear tights with a kind of modern, space like look, kind of like jericho's from when he returned in 2008
  17. I'd be naked and would open a Nudist Championship Wrasslin company.
  18. I'd debut in some trunks, white trunks with "RH3" on the back in blue. White boots styled like Rock's black ones in his prime but add blue designs. My white Nike combat sleeve on my right arm for my bad elbow, white blue knee pads. Gotta wear trunks to let the ladies see my big.... And after i get a full diet of steroids I'mma change my attire to black basketball shorts with every thing the same just black instead of white, since that'll make my package small.

    My gimmick would be like Val Venis.

    And then I'll team up with mark Henry and have the "hall of painfully sexual chocolate".

    ~Three Said That~
  19. [​IMG]

    Like this?

    Urrg I hate Rhodes' skinny legs. Makes me look into mine and say "FUCK! A Superstar has better legs than mine!". Also look like an ostrich.
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