What would be your wrestling name?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by AdamMellor, Apr 10, 2013.

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  1. So one of my main aspirations in life is to be a pro wrestler, my inring name would be AD Morgan, the AD stands for Adam David (Adam is my first name and David is my middle name) Morgan is a random second name which I think sounds cool..

    So I'm interested in what you guys wrestling names would be? :rock:
  2. Luis Boden - it was FNW name and I though it sounded cool so I'll stick with it.
  3. Aids/Champ Johnson. I am a fan of it. I still laugh about the "youre infected" FNW crowd.
  4. Lady Methvain
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  5. Are you the kind of person in real life who paints his fingernails and makes jokes about cutting himself for pity?
  6. No to both, ma'am.
  7. Forgets to shower and only hook up with girls under the age of 18 (i assume you're in your upper 30's)
  8. Correct on the showering
    No comment on the other :urm:
  9. Aubrey or Alaina.
  10. Last name Johnson. :otunga:
  11. Wood Warrior
  12. Either Cannon or Bishop.
  13. Dan "Saint" Bonne!
  14. Dat Boner
  15. Eric Bischoff
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