What would have happened if Vince chose Sting?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Mar 10, 2012.

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  1. During a run in the Mid 1980's Steve Borden teamed with Jim Hellwig in a team known as "The Blade Runners" . As we know Hellwig later joined the WWF, being re-branded as "The Ultimate Warrior" but the question is what if Borden was the one who went there instead? Would the sting character have happened? Would it have been the same or different? Would WCW have risen up with out it's "Dark Knight" rising up to fight against the NWO? Would wrestling have been the same? What effect would have Sting had if he had signed for the WWF? Would his legacy have been different?

    This is completely hypothetical so they're can be no right or wrong answers, so discuss.
  2. Assuming Sting never wrestled Flair and learned to become a better worker

    I can only base this upon Steve Borden (the man) and Jim Helwig (the man). As you can see below, Sting is a better person and harder worker

    Sting would have defeated Hogan (bar any steroids issues) and passed the torch to HBK in 97 or so

    PWI Feud Of the Year (91)
    PWI Match Of the year (90) A match he nearly quit 4 minutes in

    Sting -
    PWI Most Improved (88)
    PWI Most Inspirational (89)
    PWI Most Popular (91,92,94,97)
    PWI Wrestler of the year (90)
    WON Best Babyface (92)
    WON 5* match (91, 92)
    WON Match of Year (88)
    WON Most Charismatic (88,92)
    WON Most Improved (88)
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