What would have you done differently with Daniel Bryan?

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  1. He is gone but will forever be remembered as one of the fan favorites. Maybe it is a good thing he retired while the fans still loved him... Either way, what are some things you would have done differently with him if you were part of WWE creative?
  2. Not have Sheamus beat him in 18 seconds at Wrestlemania
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  3. Dude has held every title in the WWE, and accomplished everything you can as a wrestler for the fed. Aside from a Royal Rumble win, but it didn't stop him from closing out WrestleMania with two titles in hand. His career was near perfect. Only thing I would've changed was having more than one gimmick, unlike the one he had the last four years that was just reiterated upon.
  4. Honestly not sure. Looking back at his WWE career he was rather well used. He always had something going for him. The Nexus stuff, his feud with the Miz. US title run. The geek thing with the Bellas, Mr. Money in the Bank. Heavyweight title, Team Hell No, Main Event Player and so on. Despite where he was on the card he was never really wasted. He's never floundered like say Zack Ryder or numerous other guys.

    He's a grand slam champion, triple crown champion, headlined the highest grossing Wrestlemania as of this writing and went out while still able to live a good life.

    Probably I'd change the 18 seconds match if I had to change anything, but more for Sheamus' sake. His career is mortally wounded by that match
  5. The dude's done pretty much everything there is to do in the 'E, he's won every title and main evented WrestleMania.

    That's a good, Hall of Fame-worthy career.

    If there's something I would've done differently with DB, though, it's the 18 seconds match at WM 28 and would've had him win last year's Rumble.
  6. 18 second match would of been a proper match, horrible to happen any time yet alone the biggest show of the year.Also its mania 18 second matches are not going to do anything for the event.

    Would of loved at least couple of matches with bork but only if it was kind of even not a total john cena thing,. A proper run with the wwe and IC title but thats more down to injuries then wwe booking.

    Royal rumble win maybe apart from that he done it all in a short time and was over to a big extent. Maybe I would of made his gimmick less dorky and made him a little more bad ass busting out various submissions to win but oh well.
  7. He has had 3 wwe title runs
    -however the first 2 were less than 24 hours
    -last one was only a month and a half

    One MITB win plus One World Heavyweight title run, good length, but heel and lost it in he worst way possible

    One US title run, good length

    One tag title run, good length, responsible for his exposure

    One IC title reign, but very short due to career ending

    So Bryan has held all active titles plus WH... He just should of won the rumble, and him and Sheamus should of had their mania moments but we're stupidly taken away in favor of Rock/Cena rivalry segments
  8. Why would anyone change the 18 second loss to Sheamus? It's literally one of the principal things that kicked his popularity into overdrive. The YES Movement really only took off immediately following that quick loss.

    Overall, he had a pretty great career. You can over-analyze anyone's career and nitpick little things here and there that could have been better, but in the general sense, I think it's safe to say that anyone would be happy to have had Daniel Bryan's career. WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, Intercontinental Champion, United States Champion, World Tag Team Champion, Money In The Bank winner, Wrestlemania headliner, Summerslam headliner, defeated nearly everyone in the company who mattered at some point (Cena, HHH, Batista, Orton, Kane, Sheamus, etc.), etc. Even when I like others thought he was being unfairly held back from the main event due to his unconventional (by the 'E's standards) size, I never thought he was being "buried." If you want to see buried, see Zack Ryder.

    The only things I would have liked to have seen done differently is him winning the '15 Royal Rumble and headlining Wrestlemania 31 against Brock Lesnar, since their match happening that night would have been the perfect storm of events. I know they never wanted Bryan defeating Brock (neither did I, despite how much I wanted to see the match itself), but they could have ran the same exact ending with Seth Rollins cashing in and pinning Bryan. I know Lesnar didn't re-sign until a couple of weeks before WM and there was no way they WEREN'T gonna have him lose to someone before returning to the UFC, but how many really thought Brock would choose UFC over WWE for harder work and less pay at almost 38 years old? They should have just bit the bullet and took the chance by booking Bryan vs Brock anyway.
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  9. I wouldve like to see a couple more matches with The Big Show :psycho:
  10. Never would have hired the boring little fella.
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  11. Strange I agree w/ Lockard on something. Without the Sheamus Mania squash his little legion of fans never gets butt hurt enough for the worst thing in wrestling history,, err,, I mean the yes movement.
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  12. Change his catchphrase.

    I like daniel bryan, I do. But jesus fucking christ what a horrible fucking chant. I remember when he first started using it on smackdown, and it was extremely annoying, but he was a heel, so digged it. What boggles my mind is how a chant that was obnoxious BY DESIGN suddenly became a thing for a top babyface. I mean, jesus.

    It.was.annoying.on.purpose. How a mockery celebration became a inspiring battlecry is beyond me, but it just happened.
  13. What's wrong with having an over catchphrase? :pity2:
  14. Gotta step up that reading comprehension, boi.

    I don't hate catchphrases, I hate this one because it never became less obnoxious since his heel run, instead, he just started using it unironically, which sort of kills it for me.
  15. I read your post just fine, boi. There's no other guarantee that another catchphrase would be just as over, or at least as easy to chant so often as a simple, three letter word like YES. It's similar to the WHAT chant.
  16. Well, duh. I know why the chant is popular, this doesn't make it any less irritating to me. I was just talking about what I didn't like in his career, there is no reason to dwell on butterfly-effect fuckery and talk about "guarantees".
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