What would it take for you to start watching SD again?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. Assuming you do not watch SD and did at one time, what would have to happen for you to start watching again on a somewhat regular basis?
  2. Star power, better writing...
  3. Better writing for sure. They really do mail it in for SD.

    What do you consider star power? Who on the current roster could they put on SD to make you care?
  4. They have no star power aside of Sheamus and Randy Orton, and sometimes Del Rio. Most of the stars are on RAW, which is sad. I know they have this "RAW is Number One Show", but that doesn't mean you have to literally kill SmackDown....
  5. For me, it would have to be getting rid of Khali, Plus the fact it's recorded also puts me off a little. maybe because It makes me less inclined to stay up and watch seeing as the results get posted days before the event.
  6. At least two of the trio of doom - Orton, Sheymoose and Big Show - pissing off to either Raw or retirement. Basically almost every segment on the show involves at least one of them and it ruins my enjoyment. They're all just incredibly bland. Just get the good wrestlers back again and book it like they did in 2011. The reigns of Christian, Henry and D-Bry were all really good; Great wrestling, good storylines and even the commentary was epic.
  7. I still watch it.

    It still has some good matches, sometimes.
  8. I always intend to watch it, but usually end up forgetting it's on when Friday rolls around.
  9. A brand split, and better writing. I think a brand revamp needs to occur. A redesign, more emphasis on the brand, separate it completely from RAW. With the ratings it gets SmackDown should be live really.
  10. I'm gonna essentially copy my post over from the story thread because it's valid

    Who are these guys?
    Why are they fighting?
    Why should I care?
    Answer these and I'd watch every week.
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