Summerslam What would make you happy?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Redboy123@, Aug 4, 2018.

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    The ending of wrestling show is arguably the most important part of any show. It's the last visual the veiwers see, therefore it can make or break the show. Whether it's setting up or paying off, a ppv ending must be satisfying and fulfilling. Especially if it is the ending of one of the biggest shows of the year.

    In recent times the grand finale of Summerslam has been riddled with controversy. Summer Slam 2016 we saw Brock Lesnar savagely brutalized Randy Orton. In 2015 a controversial and confusing referee descion resulted in the Undertaker getting revenge on the one behind the one in twenty-one and one. The ending of Summerslam 2013 made every indy fan burst out in tears and in 2011 Kevin Nash returned to screw CM Punk...for some reason.

    This year will be no different as Roman Reigns takes on Brock Lesnar for the Universal title. This match is dripping in more controversy then Enzo's consensual penis. Just like Trump and Beiber , Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar are polarising figures. WWE fans HATE Roman and HATE Brock. For good reason as one has been booked like a moany crybaby and the other doesn't even turn up for work. Let's just say that alot of fans are very unhappy with WWE right now and this match is one of the reasons why.

    WWE must know that the main event isn't going to put many smiles on faces. So what could they do to make people satisfied? Let Joe and AJ main event? That's not going to happen. Strowman cashing in? Owens cashing in? Heyman's screwing Brock? Ambrose returning?

    What would make you guys happy?
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  2. I don't hate Roman or Brock, I just find their booking utterly moronic. Brock hardly shows up and Roman has been doing the same thing for like the last 3 years. People, much like myself, are over it. I know this is going to be the main event which is unfortunate. What would make me happy is if the crowd gave them 0 reaction. No cheering, no booing. Just sit there. No reaction is the best reaction when it comes to getting Vinny Boy's attention.
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  3. Some kind of fan protest like that would be historic. Chances are we going to get CM Punk chants or something.
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  4. Knowing New York fans, you are probably right... Which is very unfortunate. It is basically a meme now.
  5. The match is going to be shat on by the crowd. Strowman cashing can easily send the fans home happy. Personally I would not be satisfied by that.
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  6. They need to no sell the match and be silent as possible. Fans should know by now that is the best way to show you are unhappy.
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  7. I just wouldn't go to a wrestling show with a main event that I had no interest in. I think fans want to act like dicks in Roman main event matches. It's a selling point
  8. Your post sounds an awful bit like something a friend shared with me. He feels Roman is just like Bret and Braun is like Steve. I did not understand until he told me to read this article. Sorry, if its long.

    The Art of the Heel Turn (Part 1)
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  9. Oh if only that was the case
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  10. Owens winning the briefcase, cashing in and winning with the help of his new manager - Paul Heyman.
  11. Roman beating Brock. That would legit make me happy because at least it ends this stupid title reign. And it ends the hellish Roman chasing the belt arc that would continue if a cash in would happen.
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  12. Strowman mauls Reigns during his entrance, sending him to the hospital in kayfabe. He then announces that he's cashing in, defeating Lesnar clean to become champion. Reigns, of course, never got his title match and thus has an excuse to remain in the title scene and give us another great Strowman/Reigns match. WWE can also book a rubber match between Strowman and Lesnar, as both men would hold a singles victory over each other. I think doing this would put WWE in a good position storyline wise and would make fans happier.
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  13. Y'all know my feelings by now and it just echoes what Reagmaster said above. Part of me even thinks it would at least be interesting if they went full-on assault with the awfulness and have a failed cash-in...

    Really what would make me happy is if Ronda bludgeoning Alexa in 90 seconds went on last.
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  14. She's going to team up with Harper & Rowan? I can get into that
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  15. Alexa Bliss pinning Ronda clean, Alexa holding the title high above her head while fireworks go off to end the show.

    Doesn't that just sound amazing?
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. That would set up Roman Vs Strowman in a HIAC.
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  18. I recently thought about how they should go about their match this time around and I'd say they should just make it a squash. As in, having Reigns come through with 3 spears right after the bell rings, let Brock kick out/have a bit of a comeback but then end it with a couple more spears or something like that. I don't think it should go over 10 minutes, just like Lesnar's match with Goldberg. That way you have the match with Reigns going over, without all the unnecessary stuff.
    Afterwards you can have Strowman cash in or whatever but judging off of the crowd's really negative reaction to Lesnar on Raw, a squash would probably be their best choice to prevent the crowd from turning on this match sooner or later. I know that "squash" sounds a bit ridiculous for the main event of Summerslam but it's technically what did wonders for Brock against Cena 4 years ago, so now it could do the same for Reigns and his next feud with Strowman.

    They probably won't do it tho
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  19. For good reason.

    Potentially Brock's last match for a long time and I would like to see a battle. If Roman sqaushed him I would be disappointed. Roman has failed in the past so I don't why all of a sudden he is able to destroy Brock in a sqaush match. That would be the most 'John Cena' thing Roman has done. Brock has been the ultimate big boss battle, so I think it would be highly anti climatic if Roman just wooped his ass.
  20. I referenced the Goldberg/Lesnar Mania 33 match for a reason, because in that match both of them looked legit and it didn't come across as if Lesnar jobbed Goldberg out. I also mentioned Brock kicking out and having a comeback, so it wouldn't be a squash in the traditional sense. Also, they already had a "battle" where they beat the shit out of each other at Mania 34 and that didn't work out, so now I'd personally lean more towards the shock factor for their finale. Everybody's already expecting Reigns to win anyways, so the only way you can make it interesting for people is to change the way they might think he's gonna win
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