What Would Vince McMahon Look Like With A Beard?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Lockard 23, Jan 29, 2014.

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  1. Didn't want to post this in the wrestling sections since it's too LQ by my standards, but it is a question I'm wondering - I've never seen McMahon sporting facial hair before since a lot of businessmen like himself prefer to be clean shaven, but how do you think he'd look with one? Would he look more evil or less evil with one as far as the Mr. McMahon character goes?
  2. Like a man, that's what
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  3. typical LQard bullshit thread
  4. you forgot to compare this to a scenario where a guy grew a beard during the AE or in WCW
  5. I forgot to take at least two paragraphs to phrase the question as well.
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  6. Hey Crayo; someone hack Kevin's account.
  7. The world couldn't handle it.
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  8. He'd look like Daniel Bryan
  9. The bitches wouldn't be able to contain themselves.
  10. I know I wouldn't be able to :gusta:
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  11. Vince with a beard would make this guy look like a pussy in comparison:

  12. Lesnar should totally show up in WWE one day with a beard again.
  13. [​IMG] something like this.... HAHAHAHA GET IT?!?!?! Triple H is Vince!!! HAHAHAHAHA! SUCH HILARIOUSNESS BY JWAB!
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  14. :lol1: LOL'd at that pic of HHH :mog: :dawg:
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