What Would You Do For A Million Dollars?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by edge4ever, Mar 8, 2014.

  1. Hey All,

    Question in the subject. What would you do?...go!
  2. I'd kill someone. [Not sure actually]
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  3. Think you read the thread wrong.
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  4. I`d give someone a Blowjob for that money
  5. Indeed you are right. Must be the heroin.
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  6. who would you, or could you, kill?
  7. come find me little boy.....:ksi:
  8. Are you gonna give me the money?
  9. ill do that and then some........:jericho::obama::testify::cry:
  10. Ok, PM me your adress
  11. Eww! You're disgusting! I aint about dat life!:shock::sad::nope:
  12. Where do you wanna meet then?
  13. I dunno. There's probably a shorter list of things I wouldn't do to get that kind of money....
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  14. Not sure I imagine if the situation ever cropped up I would give it a good long think before decoding either way. Its a lot of money and could set you up for life.
  15. lol well how about at least 1 thing you would do?....
  16. Exactly, so how far could you/would you go?...could you kill someone? do something extremely risky that could cost you your life?....be creative
  17. my moms house.
  18. Not sure I would kill someone but pretty sure that I would let someone kill or torture me for the money for my family.
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  19. I`ll be there tonight
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  20. ^This. I mean I could be all "I'll eat a burger for a million dollars". What wouldn't you do is a better topic IMO.
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