What would you do if a Woman attacked you?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by CM Punk, Aug 24, 2014.

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  1. Would you defend yourself, run away or Chris Brown that bitch?
  2. Thanks, faggot.
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  3. It depend on. If she had a knife, I would defend myself.

    But if she attacking without weapons, I wouldn't do much about it.
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  4. But she would look like this, I'd probably run away.
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  5. I'm going to fight back. I'll let her hit me with like three punches. But after the third punch, every rule is going out the window.

    I'm not gonna let some chick beat the shit out of me cause she is a girl. Not gonna happen. They are probably going to attack you thinking "Guys won't hit a girl" and they are going to get the biggest surprise.
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  6. As soon as she swings for the first time, I immediately stop time. go over the situation. As she reaches for me I pop 2 fingers, my index and middle, and I proceed to drive them into her throat, and through her jugular. By this pint she will reach for her throat, now is the perfect time to step back, then launch the sole of your boot right into her knee cap with a huge lunging stomp. As she lay bleeding out with a broken leg I lean over and say.

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    penis. Rulez.
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  7. It's been my dream to be hacked by a chick.
    Going out because a woman offed you has to be the single greatest turn on and bow out I could conceive.
  8. I'd slam her on the ground, and hold her down. I'll place my lips beside her ears and tell her...
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    You've been rick roll'd slut :4/10:

    Then kill her
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  9. If she simply scratched or slapped me, I might not retaliate it with physical violence, at least in term of a clenched fist. An aggressive shove or a simple slap in return might be enough, but you never know when natural reflex will take over and you'll end up punching a bitch before you can even think.

    Something that really grinds my gears is some women thinking they can have all of the same rights as men but also think they're entitled to a few privileges on top of it, like striking a man without fear of being struck back just because they're a woman. Well, in the famous words of Steve Austin, EH EH!

    I don't advocate violence of any sort (for the most part) but I see zero wrong with hitting a woman if she throws the first slap/punch/etc. She's an adult, if she can dish it out, she can take it, too.
  10. Depends on the situation, whether weapons are involved, and whether it's a single hit or multiple.

    If weapons are involved then no questions asked she will be knocked out immediately..

    If she hits me multiple times then it will depend where I am being hit.. I can avoid being hit in the face pretty easily and I'm fat so my body can take more than a few blows.. I probably would just tell her to stop and try and hold her back.
  11. I love how none of you mentioned calling the cops.
    We all know a man would never call the cops even if the broad lit up a blow torch.
    The only way John calls the cops on Marsha is if he's already applied pressure to the wound and its obvious his neck won't stop bleeding.
    Even if he did try to call, he'd think about it first before actually dialing 911
  12. I wouldn't call them because I wouldn't feel like being thrown to the ground and tased without provocation or reason.

    She could call them after she wakes up.
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  13. I see you've pretty much played this scenario in your head already.
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  14. I am the cops.
  15. If that were true then I wouldn't mind calling the cops :ksi:
  16. @Farooq the Big Boss You're quote reminded me of this video

  17. Laugh and if it continues, [​IMG]
  18. Simple, I'd tell 'em: "Delik, stop attacking me."
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  19. Is there an option for un-creative or not funny?
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