What would you do with Alberto Del Rio?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Jose Tortilla, Nov 26, 2012.

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  1. I am a fan of his, but him vs Sheamus and him vs Orton was good in the beginning, but got boring and hideous quickly imo.

    Love the guy, but I don't know who he should face right now.

    Do you think creative is having troubles as well booking him, so they just book him in long, dragging feuds like he's had since the summer?
  2. Stick him in a tag-team with Rey Mysterio after Rey and Sin go one on one with Sin going over. Have him a heel at first but then eventually have a slowburn face turn with the team when he one day saves Rey Mysterio. Keep his arrogance and such whilst he's a face and yeah.
  3. Could work indeed. Nice idea!

    But, don't you think a heel Rey would be nice? Or would it be too risky?
  4. Most likely Crayo's suggestion or I'd work a program with him throwing Ricardo out, in kayfabe firing him so Ricardo is removed from TV. A week or so later El Local makes his main roster debut with another name and starts up a feud with Del Rio. In the end Ricardo wins the feud and is revealed as the masked wrestler. Humbling Del Rio in the process which allows him to be rebuilt as a character and actually work his way up the roster naturally instead of the insta push he got on his debut.
  5. Rey simply can't be a heel.
  6. What Crayo said. Rey cannot work as a heel. His babyface friendly moveset and size works against him.
  7. :okay:

    Would like to see Ricardo wrestle, though. :gusta:
  8. ADR imo needs a bit of a repackage as the gimmick for me doesn't work I don't hate him as a heel and if he was face I'd have no like for him. The mexican aristocrat for me just does not work it's mega boring. This isn't the fault of ADR he does a good job with what he has been given. But they need a repackage and a slow push like Stop says not the insta push he received as no one cared and I feel ppl still struggle to care bout ADR passionately.
  9. Yeah, ADR needs repackaging. It just seems like they're too stubborn to give up on his current booking (same stuff every week, no interesting mic content, same booking on every feud) which I could see Vince doing. Del Rio has potential to be more entertaining.
  10. ADR definitely needs a character change, he is good in the ring but his character has become boring as hell.....
  11. I'd turn him face and team him up with Rey Mysterio, have Cara turn on Rey, ADR saves him, Cara is heel and teams up with Heyman so he could have a voice.

    Give ADR a new finisher because his arm breaker is such a heel move, and tell Vinnie Mac to open the bank to get fans behind him. ADR is supposed to be rich, let him do things for the kids. Have him "buy" a local group of kids tickets to each show and some merch. Do make a wish stuff, be Santa claus for Christmas, all of that cheesy stuff that they'll likely have Cena do. Him and Rey could own the kiddie division of fans.

    Have him fued with Ziggie. Have him lose the rumble at the end to a Heel, win the HW strap from Dolph before Mania, only to lose it to him at Mania.

    ~Three Said That~
  12. Have him treat Ricardo like dirt under his shoe for months...Gradually Ricardo gets sick of it, teases reacting but doesn't...until one day, he just goes ape shit...and then this happens:

    Ok...so this is more about Ricardo then Del Rio...BUT I HATE DEL RIO.

  13. The problem with ADR is that he's the Mexican version of JBL. People are tired of seeing it. I don't know what else you could do with him at this point. Maybe give his face a rest and have him come back as a humble fan favourite? Who knows?
  14. Fire him.
  15. Shut up dumbass
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  16. I would keep him in midcard for a while, maybe feud with Kofi for a while. Have the championship switch a few times, give him a good couple months as IC champion before giving it back to Kofi. Would be cheap heat for Alberto to brag how much money he has and how Kofi's people are starving and for him to bring out photos of African kids.
  17. This would be pretty awesome. The worst thing about Del Rio's poor gimmick is that they not only insist on using it but refuse to invest on branching paths that the rich guy gimmick has, like bribes and etc, would be a great way to do it, the one you mentioned.
  18. Even I think that would be fucked up :true: so it would get tons of boos and another report from an overweight mother who's kid watches WWE.
  19. Oh, complaints. Reminded me of the chick who complained because Del Rio ripped her kid's sign apart. :lol1:
  20. Id have him beat the fuck out of people on a regular basis, with Hunico and Camacho on Ricardo's payroll. He wont give a shit about it until he gets his ass beat by a magical group of mystical warriors known as orton or whoever is face that week, and needs hunico and camacho. Then, Ricardo is boss, and he sits passanger to ADR, bitching at him about his garbage driving. Ricardo never wrestles again, because wwe ruined it with the tuxedo match. In fact, he murders Santino to make the change from announcer to boss.

    Long story short, Stopspot has the best idea ive ever heard on what should happen for ADR.
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