What would YOU do with Cena?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. Very controversial topic in the WWE, especially among the fans. What would you do with Cena? Bare in mind, he's the biggest star in the WWE, and he's the biggest draw.

    Please be specific too, would be nice to have some idea of what you exactly want his character to be like.
  2. welll first off i will say i don't hate Cena i dislike his character but respect the guy i would like to see him go heel after his fude with Kane or at wrestlemania maybe have a few shot's at the title i actually really don't know there is nothing they can do with Cena from what i can think of :emoji_neutral_face:
  3. At least you're mature enough to state that. I know plenty of Cena haters who have actually wished John Cena injury, and serious ones. I'm all for opinions of characters, and will never argue with anyone over there preference of superstar, but wishing physical harm to someone is too steep. I'm in your boat too, his character is stale. Personally, I'd want the heel turn because I've not seen Cena heel live, since I returned to watching wrestling around 06/07. But yeah, I'd be all for a character revamp though keeping him face, though I'd prefer Punk to take over as the face of WWE.
  4. i think that's what they have already planned i mean punk headlining TLC when cena is not there at all punk opening and closing Raw with Cena having a segment with this monster right here
    <<<< i think the WWE have realized that we want something new and with cena being a what was it 13 time or 11 time WWE champ that there is nothing they can do with him unless they turn him heel although i do admit i think cena will beat Flairs 16 time World Champion reign

    and as for wishing him injury i think thats not right i mean as you say everyone can say who they like or dislike but to dislike and disrespect what they do its disgusting to do that
  5. I'd make Cena human have him job clean at RR and EC both times to Kane to build him. I want to make it look like Rock can beat him then have him turn heel as a sign of desperation that he can no longer get the job done. I personally would have him join the Authority team with Johnny Ace and HHH. It could even be a variation of the Jeff Hardy heel run in TNA were Cena blames the audience for his past injuries , the pain of it all. Saying he did it for them and they booed him every single night so he bought in to the corporate area so to speak.
  6. ^^^^ Dis right here i love it it could work so well its making kane a relevent monster and aiding to Cena's heel turn this needs to happen why you no write for wwe
  7. I'd definitely have him lose to Kane cleanly both times also, and have the heel turn based on desperation due to pride and embarrassment. I can't think of what he could actually do to make the heel turn perfect, like at Mania against Rock, what stunt to pull? As for corporate heel, it could work, I mean they've had a few in the past but if Cena was a loan heel he'd be squashing people over and over. They'd need to include Punk in the storyline to push him further as the face of the company, going against the big corporate foundation.

    HHH and Cena heel? Wow, that'd be a good first Monday Night RAW.
  8. yeah i defiantly agree there is nothing for him to do as a face and just because he is no longer the face of the company does not mean he cant be the heel of the company
  9. Cena is still the face of the company imo Punks just now number 2 similar to how Orton has been in the past.
  10. Turn heel.
    Feud with Punk.
    Never get the title for at least 1 year.
    Rule him out with a 'serious injury' for a 1 year break.
    Bring him back as face.

    Problem Vince's bank balance??
  11. Cena will never want to take a break even if he is a heel the person he is will not allow that i think he would prefer to to santino marrella before he goes out on a "kayfabe" injury WWE is that guys life Turn him heel and feud with punk is a definitive yes they can talk and argue about how punk stole Cena's spotlight etc him not getting the title will bottle up anger and they guy can explode because lets face it he is a monster of a man
  12. Risky move. I know Punk would be the top face then, but if Cena is heel he's going to be booked strong. If Punk loses that's the end of his build up, if Cena loses that's the end of his. I'd make them avoid each other for a long period of time, then let Punk end his heel run.
  13. I would turn him heel and back to the way he was when he started. I would like to see him move over to SmackDown and see Randy Orton come to RAW. Then over on SmackDown he could feud with the now liked Shemus or someone else.