What would you do with Crimson?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 14, 2013.

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  1. I know we have some Crimson fans on here, so let's discuss what should happen with him upon returning.

    First a little review. Crimson had an embarrassing undefeated streak which even most of us that consider ourselves fans wanted to see end.

    Well, it ended. But the way it ended against Storm made the entire thing, which was a joke to begin with, seem like an even bigger joke. Why bother with the streak at all, which was clearly a hassle for them to keep going, if you just waste the rub of ending it on A.) A guy who didn't need it and B.) You Daniel Bryan his ass and end it with one kick.

    That was lame. Even lamer was Crimson coming back to challenge Devon for the TV Title (not A&8 Devon, just Devon) and losing clean. That was a perfect time to end Devon's TV Title reign and give Crimson something to do as a mid card champ. Unfortunately he jobbed cleanly and dipped to OVW and we haven't seen him since.

    In OVW he has created a stable and they have a military type gimmick and he is known as "General Crimson" I have no idea if this is something TNA would carry over, but I have a hunch it is not.

    Can't deny that he looks like a fucking boss though

    Here is a 6 man tag from the group.. I can't find the tag match vs Silva and Sam Shaw where they won the tag straps.. you can also find Rob Terry/Crimson OVW HW Title matches on YT

    I expect he will probably be returning soon in some form or capacity, as it has been nearly 9 months since Storm defeated him. This General gimmick could provide us with some nice promos honestly, as it is clearly a gimmick he is comfortable with.

    I think he inevitably will return as a heel, so what do you think TNA will have in store for him? A nice push? A spot in Aces and Eights ( :haha: ). Possibly a feud with Storm since he doesn't really have much going on at this juncture?

    I think it is pretty apparent that TNA likes the guy, so I am definitely anticipating his return.
  2. Love me some Crimson, and can't wait for his return. I really want him to come back as a heel, because his look is perfect for it. I've not seen the general gimmick stuff until now, and I quite like it, and certainly wouldn't mind if he returned on TNA with it. I despised the way the streak ended. I remember a small collective of us rooting for it to end here in the TNA section, but the already depressing streak -- but kayfabe impressive -- felt completely redundant after Storm buried it.

    I wouldn't mind him feuding with Storm but I'd rather him get some momentum first. I fear him losing to Storm immediately would just derail any momentum he gathered from his return, and that he'd be seen as that weak ass jobber heel.
  3. That general gimmick is actually pretty nice.

    I want to add also, why did they make him lose to James Storm considering the fact that James Storm hasn't done shit since his return.

    Anyways, I expect him to be back probably with the similar gimmick feuding with Angle or Storms hopefully.
  4. I had not seen the General gimmick either before I was thinking to myself "wonder what Crimson is doing" this morning. I like it because the look suits him for obvious reasons (he was in the military) and he seems to be very comfortable cutting promos in this character.

    I hadn't considered the outcome of a potential Storm/Crimson feud, but I guess it is more likely that Storm goes over. Maybe not though, they seem to have already dropped the ball on him completely, so maybe he will just become an accessory to get people like Crimson over.

    Maybe Angle could put him over in a feud [​IMG]
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  5. TNA just lost site on the long term plans for Storm. In 2011 he was clearly ready to become the top face. He had momentum and a lot of fan support. Then he lost at Lockdown, went away, won at BFG and hasn't done shit since. In hindsight TNA probably wishes they had just given Storm the strap in his hometown at LD last year. Because even though he 'won' the feud with Roode in the end, and had a helluva match in doing so, they had nothing for him after that. Hardy was champ. Roode was feuding with Aries and waiting in line for a title shot. Bully had his Hogan shit. Aces & Eights barely had shit to do with Storm, but ofc he got thrown into Team TNA with other guys TNA isn't doing anything with atm (Joe, sadly)
  6. I stand by my previous Crimson return opinion:


    Dem beards!
  7. Crimson in OVW pics:


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