What would YOU do ?!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by fjsilvia, Sep 2, 2012.

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  1. let me try to be creative :smug::boss:

    Night of Champions and aftermath - Cm Punk vs John Cena- Cena loses the match. Gives the respect that Cm Punk deserves and leaves the WWE for a while (not to misunderstand me. i'm a huge fan of John Cena)
    Cm Punk's new rival Wade Barrett.

    Sheamus vs Del Rio-Del Rio finally does it but unfortunately his destiny deceits him as Ziggler (after many failed attempts) finally cashes in and becomes the new WHC. This leads to a feud between Ziggler,Del Rio and Sheamus with a possible addition of Randy Orton.

    Riley and Ryder team up and become the new tag-team champion.

    The Miz and Cody Rhoes feud.
    Heath Slater feuds with Antonio Cesaro

    somehow all these feuds continue the rest of the year leading to ROYAL RUMBLE! Where at the rumble the surprise return/wildcard entry - John Cena and Cena wins:win: :yes: (okay that was too much but i love Cena) :miz:
  2. I like the one with Wade Barrett
  3. Yeah this is good. As long as Ziggler holds the WHC for a while and Slater feuds Cesaro for the US title.
  4. The first one needs to be a face. Wade is to good of a heel, and CM Punk is a tweener borderline heel. He needs to feud with faces, Cody is needs to move away from the intercontinental championship picture now. Dolph I can see that happening, I guess Heath can feud with Antonio, I think Zack Ryder and Alex Riley would make a good team, I'd rather see a team like the Prime Time Players hold the championship for a few months though and help build up it's prestige and defend it a lot and get into good feuds. Cena I can see winning the Royal Rumble sadly :facepalm: CM Punk will lose to The Rock and John Cena and The Rock get their shitty rematch at Wrestlemania once more instead of working up new talent, which Cena wins again to keep all the new guys down to the ground.
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