What Would You Have Changed About WWE Smackdown Live? (8/29/2017)

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by King Of Armageddon, Sep 2, 2017.

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    Ok so after watching this week's episode of Smackdown Live, what would you have changed using the current Smackdown Live roster and if you had total control over everything (the writing, creativity, entrances, match results, gear attire, personalities, etc.) for this WWE show? I'll let ya'll decide whether you want to just use all of the current storylines or change everything completely to your liking.

    Here some things I would have changed:

    01. Instead of having Jinder Mahal open the show, I would have chose Season 2 of The Fashion Files. Tyler Breeze and Fandango are keeping the fans entertained with these ridiculously funny, goofball segments.

    02. Then right after The Fasion Files, I'll have the opening sequence play and then the show goes straight into Kevin Owens music playing. Kevin comes out with a mic, shouts for his music to be stopped as he starts to go down to the ring. Kevin rants about he has something to say about Smackdown Live and last week but before he gets started. Shane McMahon makes his entrance be known and interrupts Kevin by stating that no one is interested in what he's got to say and the show has to start without KO's long drawn out rant. KO gets enraged and refused to be ignored as well as he's not going to leave the ring. So Shane sends security to remove KO from the ring as they run down and circle the ring before entering, Kevin Owens goes into attack mode. Kevin throws punches and super kicks but eventually the security team gets a hold of him, removes him from the ring and carry him to the backstage area.

    03. Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable's music hit, they come out and do their match against The Ascension. I personally feel Shelton Benjamin should not be attach to a tag team partner so after the match, Shelton lets Chad knows that he enjoyed teaming up with him but he has to be on his own. He even tells Chad that he'll still help him along the way to be a better wrestler and entertainer.

    04. I wouldn't change anything that Baron Corbin, AJ Styles & Tye Dillinger did on Smackdown Live except instead of Tye tapping out to the Calf Crusher, Baron interferes in the match before Tye taps.

    05. I'm not sure whether I like the idea of Bobby Roode being a face character but if the only reason was Smackdown Live needs more faces then okay. So I still would want Bobby to have some arrogance (just like AJ Styles) and after this match like his debut match, have him get interviewed but this time use Byron Saxton. Then he humiliates Byron while bragging about his own skills and the match that just took place. This could be his weekly gimmick as he work these segments for his face persona.

    06. After a commercial break, Aiden English's music plays and you hear someone struggling over the sound system, Kevin Owens steps out as he shoves Aiden English back to where he came from. He even shouts at Aiden that this is his show and he's going to talk, Kevin turns his attention to the audience as he begins to talk about the incidence that took place earlier tonight and how it adds to the other issues he has with Smackdown Live. He rattles off all the things wrong here on the show and what he feel is unfair to himself. Shane once again has to come out, this time he replies with solid reasons to all of Kevin's issues including the fact that KO doesn't like the decisions of Daniel Bryan and himself. After he silences Kevin Owens, he states that there is a match that needs to happen as scheduled, Shane has Aiden English's music and then Aiden strolls out with discontent towards Kevin Owens. Then Sami Zayn makes his entrance which upsets KO even more, so then KO sits at the side of the commentary table. Kevin calls the match with the commentator team and not before long, he slides into the ring, replacing the referee for the match which confuses both Aiden & Sami. As the match continues, Kevin uses some dirty tricks on Sami and finally makes the match easy for Aiden to win. Right after raising Aiden's hand, Kevin attacks him with a Pop-Up Powerbomb then rolls out the ring to grab a chair and go on a rampage. This time as the security and the superstars run out to the ring, Shane comes out on a mic and states that KO is banned from the arena tonight. Kevin Owens is then escorted out of the building for good.

    07. Then after another commercial break, Nakamura gets approached by Randy Orton in the locker room. Randy tells Shinsuke that this will be an easy match if they both get on the same page but next week in the number 1 contender's match (for the next WWE title match) all bets are off. Then Shinsuke smiles and get face to face with Randy to tell him to just watch for his "...Kinshasa...outta nowhere.". Randy nods his head and smirks for now.

    08. The show brings everybody to Carmella talking about how great she's going to be as champion especially the night she cash in her briefcase like previous successful guys, one being Dolph Ziggler. Ellsworth speaks up as he's next to here about how much better she is than Dolph and how he could beat Dolph in a wrestling match or any other challenge. While he's busy talking, Dolph runs up and hit him with a Superkick then squat down next to him. Dolph informs him that he's ready to get back in the ring and he was looking for his first new opponent so now he'll face Ellsworth next week, and he can leave his "mommy" backstage. Carmella is hysterical and shouting at a knocked out Ellsworth when Natalya walks up behind her and scares her, she tells Carmella not to bother trying to make any cash in attempts as there's no way she's going to lose her title. And then Naomi walks up behind smiling, make sure Natalya notice her before letting her know that she got two weeks to prepare. A confused Natty asks Naomi what she means and Naomi yells with a big smile, "REMATCH, BABY!!" then walks off.

    09. Nothing to change for The Usos & The New Day, they always bring their A-game to the show.

    10. As the tag team match for Nakamura & Orton vs Rusev & Mahal was advertised all, Rusev & Jinder Mahal (along with The Singh Brothers) are in the locker room and Jinder gives Rusev advise on what he should do tonight for their match. Rusev gets a bit irritated and lashes out about hpw he was the one not to long ago who took Jinder under his own wing. With an annoyed look and russian dialect spoken by Rusev, he walks out the looker room area.

    11. Right after that segment, Lana steps out on the stage with a mic. She addresses the crowd as she introduces the new Tamina to the ring. Tamina comes out to the new entrance/music wearing a new all black attire (maybe a black t-shirt under a black singlet with black leather knee high boots and black leather driving gloves). The match with the local jobber goes well as Tamina now have new moves and attacks more agressively. When she finish, Lana gets in the ring to raise her arm and then waves her paparazzi to enter. Tamina & Lana take pictures together similar to how a manager and prize fighter does.

    12. A few minor things to change/add to main event - tag team match: Have at least one or two moments where Rusev and Jinder argue over who gets to do what, have Orton be kind of leary about his tag team partner, Nakamura (both from the apron and in the ring) and finally have Nakamura bounce off the ropes to hit a random Kinshasa to the legal opponent as Orton was keeping the other outside the ring. After the match, the referee raise both men arms but then he turns and walks away. As the referee moves from the winners, Orton irish whips Nakamura into the ropes and Nakamura blasts Orton with a running forearm. Randy Orton falls but bounce right back up and goes to hit an RKO but Shinsuke Nakamura push him off. The two of them stare each other down as they exit the ring. While Nakamura goes to wave to his fans, Orton runs up behind and quickly hits an RKO as they are outside the ring. Leaving Nakamura laid out, Randy clinches his teeth and in a psychotic manner, he walks backwards up the ramp looking at both Shinsuke and the crowd with no regret.
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