What would you have done with Lesnar?

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  1. WWE paid Lesnar 5 million dollars for a deal with limited appearances that lasted one year, from the night after WM 28 until WM 29. Many agree that he wasn't used correctly, although his return was great and his feud with Cena was good, he jobbed to him at ER after two moves, then he broke Triple H's arm, vanished, and we had Paul Heyman arguing with HHH for a few weeks, after that Lesnar made a few more appearances on Raw until he beat Triple H at Summerslam, then vanished again. He'll probably wrestle at WM 29. Would you have used him differently? If so, how (from his first night until WM 29)? If not, what would you do with him from now until WM? Discuss.
  2. I would have had him beat John Cena at Extreme Rules. After that nothing unless he would be willing to make more appearances.I'd say they did pretty good job with him considering the amount of appearances he made. I would like to see him face Taker at WM29
  3. A fued with D-Bry lasting a few months would have been awesome.
  4. I would have made him an unbeatable force destroying all talent.
  5. Would have used Lesnar as the muscle to have Heyman kayfabe take over WWE and have Bryan step up to take on Lesnar at Wrestlemania with rights over the WWE on the line. Something like that. Lesnar would have went over Cena and HHH cleanly, Punk would then still have turned heel an been the new Paul Heyman guy. Punk vs Cena at Wrestlemania for the title, Bryan vs Lesnar for WWE.
  6. Having him job to Cena was stupid and having him come back right after mania was also stupid. The Triple H vs Lesnar match was good, but it didn't do anything. Now we have a problem at mania because Taker wants Lesnar, but I can see Triple H getting a rematch. Then somehow Heyman is involved with Punk, which ties the two together making it an even bigger mess. The problem is WWE doesn't plan things ahead far enough.

    If they don't use Brock to put over Ryback I will be disappointed in them.
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  7. He would have never gone near Cena at ER for me, he would have come in as the big summer angle (saving some of his dates) building up to Brock vs Bryan like Crayo said.
  8. :obama:
  9. Bryan vs lesnar = shit match
  10. Why? :sad:
  11. Nah, I think it would be really enjoyable. Bryan is a very gifted technical in-ring performer. I would like to see that match despite the size difference.
  12. he beat H easily
    bryan would not stand a chance

    BTW - Nice avatar
  13. Thanks, and Bryan doesn't have to win for Lesnar to put him over. :otunga:
  14. Kayfabe is strong :pity:
  15. brock vs undertaker will be more enjoyable

    remember there Hell in a cell match
  16. It wouldn't suck, it's kayfabe showing that it's still alive and well. Bryan would mesh very well with Lesnar I think, he can play a badass style or an underdog, any of the two with Lesnar would be nice.
  17. Fucked him off
  18. I would have negotiated a different kind of contract for him right from the start. His limited TV appearances killed the Brock/Triple H feud for me because he broke his arm in a great segment, then disappeared from TV for several weeks and they had to have the Heyman lawsuit silliness carry on just as a way of making sure that people didn't forget about it altogether because of Brock being off TV for so long after it happened. Give him more TV appearances if possible.

    I'd do the Cena/Brock situation the same, except for a couple of things - I'd have Brock (during the buildup) refer to when Cena said his match with Rock was the biggest match of his career (Cena even said if he lost, his career would mean almost nothing to him) and Brock could poke fun at that by pointing out that Cena lost whereas he himself already beat the Rock ten years ago to win his first ever WWE Championship and become the then-youngest world champion ever. (I would love for Brock to rub this in Cena's face.) The second thing is to change the finish of the match - have Brock beat Cena. My finish would be for Brock to hit Cena with everything he has (even an F-5 or two, but no more than two) but Cena just keeps kicking out, despite being busted open and weak. Brock eventually snaps and just starts punching Cena non-stop while he's down, for what seems like almost a minute. The referee eventually stops the match because of Cena's loss of blood. This is a good finish as Brock wins and looks like a dominant monster but Cena also looks strong for making Brock unable to pin him and for holding on until he just passed out from a loss of blood.

    Afterwards, I'd still have Brock attack Triple H because his ego can't stand Triple H not giving him the contract he wanted (the plane ride to and from the show, changing the show to Raw Starring Brock Lesnar, etc.). And then they face at Summerslam, but I would have Brock make more appearances on TV leading up to the event. And then after Brock beats Triple H (the exact way he did in real life), he ends up in a feud with Randy Orton. Orton is scheduled to face Ziggler at Night Of Champions, but I would add a special stipulation to the match, which is that if Orton beats Ziggler, he wins his MITB briefcase. During the build up to this match, Brock and Orton end up bumping into each other backstage and end up in a confrontation. Orton congratulates Brock for his victory over Triple H (and Cena earlier in the year) but says he is unimpressed because he hates both and has also beaten both of them before himself (it was cool that when Orton turned face in 2010, he actually did say in promos that he could still care less about Cena and HHH... I love actual continuity in wrestling.) This rubs Brock the wrong way.

    Fast forward to the PPV, and as Orton is giving a promo backstage about how he is gonna beat Ziggler and win his MITB contract to earn a shot at the WHC, Brock interrupts and sarcastically wishes Orton good luck. As the match goes on, Brock costs Orton the match and then proceeds with a beatdown after the match (maybe just another F-5 and maybe that arm bar thingy, whatever the hell he calls it.) This begins the Brock/Orton feud.

    They fight at HIAC, and the match ends with Orton winning by count out.They're fighting outside the ring and when the ref is at a 7 or 8 count, Orton hits the RKO on Brock and then rolls back in the ring at just the right moment before the ref counts 10. Orton wins by count out, but this still irritates Brock, as he feels Orton still one-upped him in a way. They fight again at Survivor Series, this time with Orton losing via pinfall or submission. In one of these matches, it would be cool if Orton hit the punt kick on Brock but Brock kicked out. And after the match here, it would be a badass closure to the feud if Brock hit a punt kick on Orton (karma) and it was so devastating that referees and/or EMTs had to check on Orton at first to make sure he was alright.

    Like some of you, I wouldn't have minded a Brock/Bryan match at some point, but not at Wrestlemania, and I wouldn't have had Bryan come out the victor. It would have done a lot to put him over well enough just playing the underdog who lasts as long as he can against Brock. I would do it at TLC. Have Brock run into Kane and Bryan backstage and laugh at them (Bryan because of his size, Kane because of how much of a shadow of his former self he is.) To be an asshole, he costs him the tag team titles against someone on Raw (say they keep the belts till then) and then lays them both out, so that we the awesome shot of him standing over both of them laying unconscious. The next week, he decides to attack Bryan until Kane comes out to save him.

    Bryan is out with an injury and this sets up a feud between Brock and Kane over the next week or two. This results in a match on Raw (which Brock wins) and then Brock proceeds to beat down on Kane and out the arm bar thingy on him until Bryan makes his surprise return, swinging a steel chair at Brock until he goes away. Bryan challenges Brock at the PPV. (There is no way WWE would ever choose Bryan over Kane as an opponent for Brock at the PPV, but go with it.) Bryan puts up a good fight against Brock but ultimately loses, and just as he's about to injure Bryan, Kane runs out (with a cast on his arm) and saves Bryan. Brock walks away smiling, knowing he got the better of the two of them. This also puts Bryan over (by showing him hanging with a guy like Brock) and also shows the growing partnership/friendship between Kane and Bryan, with them both saving the other (back to back) from Brock inflicting further injury on them.

    That brings us to the Royal Rumble/Wrestlemania.

    For Wrestlemania, there are two options. Either fight Undertaker or Ryback. Building to fight Taker is easy. Brock says he has no real challenge left in WWE (in his mind) except to do what no one has ever done before, and that's break Taker's WM streak. He could also point out that every time he fought Taker in the past, he won, which would be true. He could also talk about how Triple H nearly beat the streak twice the last two years, but he himself broke his arm easily and then beat him in a match at Summerslam. He could also point out that HBK nearly broke the streak twice but he easily man handled him and broke his arm on Raw with ease. Ultimately, the end result here would be Taker defeating Brock and adding him to his streak. The Ryback idea would work out differently. First off, build up Ryback a little more by beating large guys like Big Show, Mark Henry (is he still around?), etc. Then Ryback announces his entry into the Rumble. Meanwhile, have Brock also announce he is entering the Rumble match, which would be scary to all the others. Come time for the Rumble match, have Brock come and eliminate a bunch of people. Then one or two more come out, and Brock eliminates them one at a time. Then Ryback's music hits, which should make the crowd pop loudly. The end result here is that Ryback makes the place go crazy by eliminating Brock (not right away, there might be another person or so who comes in and gets eliminated by one of them while they are fighting.) Later on, Brock comes back into the match and gives Ryback an F-5, causing someone to throw him out. This builds to a Ryback/Brock match at Wrestlemania, where Ryback is the one who finally beats Brock, which should be a big way of helping get him over more.
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