What would you have Sin Cara do on his return?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, May 5, 2012.

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  1. So Sin Cara is rumoured to be returning to in ring action soon. How would you get him back into action if you were the booker? Most likely he's used this time off to get more used to the WWE style so he doesn't botch as much as he did when he first made his début.

    Me. I'd have him spend two or three weeks rebuilding some momentum by having him in matches with random superstars. Not squashes but matches where he can show off his lucha style. Then I'd put him in a feud for the IC title with Cody. Cody and Sin Cara can most likely put on some at least 4 star matches and I'd do anything to see Cody's feud with Big Blow end. This feud could stretch over about two months time in the summer. Letting both guys trade wins and build momentum whilst making the IC title mean something. Cara doesn't have too win it in the end but it would re establish him as one of the big mid carders in the WWE and put Cody over as he had finally defeated his rivals whose been a big star all over the world. If Cara wins it he is over and has a title that means something and it still makes Cody look strong considering the length of the feud and hopefully pushes Cody in the ME.

    That's how I'd do it at least.

  2. I love your idea tbh. Put Cara over in the end since Cara gets over pretty easily with the crowd. Rhodes can then move on to the ME.
  3. Cara taking the strap so Cody can go to the main event is a really good idea, and a nice way for him to return. He could then have a good reign as champ and at some point start feuding with Mysterio, who would put him over in his retirement match at a big PPV, like Survivor Series or maybe Wrestlemania.
  4. Have him contend for the World championship and give him a similar push to Daniel Bryan.
  5. -Show the video packages and highlights leading up to his return. Make it look like a really big deal, and follow that up with William Regal coming out of retirement to face this guy who was such a big deal. Let the feud go at least 3 months, Regal doesn't need a pencil to draw heat and can be the perfect mentor to let Sin Cara adjust to the WWE style. Not sure how the clash in styles would work, though.
  6. I do not think Cara is ready nor has the push to be a world heavyweight contender. He would be perfect for the IC though and could bring some glory back to it.
  7. Wouldn't want to see him with a title so soon.. Give him the feud with Rhodes, but first wrestle a while without title shots.
  8. Probably go to FCW so he can learn how to work under the restraints of the WWE.
  9. Exactly. WWE should have done that before putting him on TV.
  10. Have him come back and wrestle on Superstars! :sonnen:
  11. Well one thing is for sure I wouldnt have him do any over the top rope moves considering what injured him
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