What would you like to see done differently in the WWE?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Saylor, Feb 7, 2012.

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  1. For me personally, fix their diva division. Along with other things, but that's just one thing out of many I could list.

    What about you guys?
  2. Use the talent you have. Hunico,Curt Hawkins,Tyler Rexs, Tyson Kidd and William Regal. These guys are too good to be languishing in obscurity.
  3. Unified titles

    Tag Team Division

    US and IC titles defended more regularly

    Crusierweight Title brought back

    Divas Division sorted
  4. Good selection of superstars. I agree.
  5. Better booking of shows, more development for midcard feuds, and less emphasis on HHH.
  6. I agree aswell. I totally hate HHH now. HHH's promos are boring, long and useless.
  7. tbh, i'd be okay with it if it wasn't the center of attention. Just wish they actually booked stuff that made sense and actually develop the midcard feuds.
  8. I don't like HHH doing useless promos. They can give that quality time to develop more midcard feuds, etc. I agree, too. They need to start developing interesting and quality midcard feuds.
  9. This is the main thing, and just more feuds in general. Right now there are 3-4 feuds at a time, and it's a fucking joke. There are a million problems with booking, but it starts with actually trying to utilize guys and not letting them float around in obscurity.
  10. Booking and utilization of stars. Make every division count or just scrap them.
  11. I agree with making every division count. They need to focus on division at a time, but it can easily be fixed however they don't seem to be bothered.
  12. Stop being so sterile. Wrestling isn't supposed to be so formatted and clean.

    I'm for order and accountability, but you can't control everything
  13. They seriously need to start developing better feuds. I really miss the 'wrestling' part of the WWE. The good ol' days.
  14. What he said.
  15. Time for a huge Rant.

    First of all, i dont understand all the "develop the talent" posts.
    Since when did WWE change to a talent hunt?
    I never saw talents "getting pushed" in the attitude era to achieve stardom, the wants that got big actually got big because of their in ring abilities and mic skills, not by getting a so called "push" or ring time.
    Another problem nowadays is the lack of gimmick. Dont we have enough obnoxious showoff type heels already? like Dolph Ziggler? Cody Rhodes?John Morrison?The Miz? Chris Jericho? How many more showoffs does the wwe need? Atleast Daniel Bryan is somewhat different.

    The Divas division has gone to hell, amd ts prob almost impossible to revive it.

    The tag team division has become a joke. Road Dog returned at RR and he was double as entertaining than any of the current Tag team wrestlers, including Kofy Kingston. Its a shame to the legends like the warriors and the road dogs and christians and edges and booker ts, the so called tag team legends that now the wwe has only 3 tag teams in total and not even one of these teams r worth watching.

    Bring Back the cruserweight championship. Thats the best division for the high flying talents.

    Bring back midcard feuds. I really hope to see Goldust return at Wrestlemania. And giving Kane the US championship will make the the two lesser titles definitely more enjoyable and dramatic.

    And once again, stop with the talent crap. This isnt a talent hunt. Wrestlers like Miz and Kingston ar ehugely overrated. Its about time to bring back some oldies. Goldust, Jeff Hardy, The Dudley Boys, hell even Booker T is more entertaining than the Miz.
  16. How can you not understand push the talent? Big Show has been in 8 WHC matches in a row but you don't think WWE should push talents like Rhodes more? Also, Hardy is more entertaining than Miz? Maybe to see him try and walk into a ring in a straight line would be more entertaining. None of us want to see old washed up superstars hog the spotlight, that's not how the AE succeeded, and yes the AE did push younger superstars.
  17. Big Show won't retire until an adequate big man replaces him... this can only be done through talent development
  18. Would love to see more fighting since most is talk now.
  19. Mark Henry
    Brodus Clay
  20. Henry was talking retirement a while back.... won the title... I don't hear that sh*t anymore

    Clay works for me
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