What would you make illegal?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solid Snake, Jul 20, 2017.

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  1. Think small scale things - anything that makes you mad, rubs you the wrong way, or just a general pet-peeve - What is one thing you would make illegal that would put a smile on your face? There isn't a wrong answer and we are not talking big movements/actions here, just little things.
  2. Lying, I would make it illegal.
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  3. How about Cheating?
  4. That would be an interesting one. Specially in today's age. I swear some people would almost rather be lied to then told the truth.
    Amazing to think though... Like if the government stopped lying, the media stopped lying... the world would change A LOT.
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  5. It can be anything you want.
  6. I would make Cheating on a spouse illegal. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  7. That's why I said it, because it could solve a lot of issues. Plus, hooking up and having sex with someone would be a lot easier. Just need to add a way for anybody to easily get caught lying if they decided to break this law.
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  8. Hmm... :hmm:
    Maybe a lie detector in our smartphones goes off. :dawg:
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  9. Hmmm yeah maybe like a bar code tat (on the wrist) to scan from the smartphones as you ask questions and it'll alert you if the person moves their wrist, lies or tell the truth.
  10. It is funny... we all know lying is wrong but still do it. Heck, even a child knows it is wrong. I think children are more honest than adults these days.
    This is why I love animals... the only kind of lying they do is around. :kitler: lol
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  11. I would make it illegal to drink under the age of 25. I don't feel like the average 21 year old is responsible enough to be drinking, at least not in America.

    EDIT - well, this is kind of a "bigish" thing but it is a pet peeve of mine to see people drinking irresponsibly. If you want to get drunk off your arse, don't do it in public.
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  12. I can understand but it also has to do with the individual's mentality.
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  13. Probably cigarettes. They do so much harm to so many people

    I'd decrease it to 18 [​IMG]
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  14. I guess it depends on how you look at it. There will always be underage drinking either way.
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  15. Actually they upped the age of smoking to this year didn't they?
  16. I always think about this: You can send a young man to war but can't buy him a beer when he gets back
  17. True. I mean if you are willing to die for your country you should be able to come back and have a beer if you want it. I can agree with that. I generally hate alcohol though. Growing up with someone who drinks on a daily basis will do that to you I guess.
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  19. That reminds me of all them "cool" parents out there. My one niece's mom was this way. Let her drink underage with her friends and all that.
  20. I've got Catholic neighbor's that LOVE to drink. I wouldnt doubt their son... Who isnt 18, Drinks as well.