What would you take OFF of TV?

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  1. We all talk about angles, wrestlers or even divisions (X Division) that should get TV time. Short of TNA getting another tv show (which I would mark for) they obviously can't fit everything we'd like to see into a 2 hour weekly show.

    So the question is, if we want to see more Joey Ryan, more X Division, more whatever, what needs to go?

    For me, get rid of the Knockouts. I really don't give a fuck what anyone says, that shit isn't entertaining. The fact that they took up 15 minutes of Impact last week is :facepalm1: - worthy
  2. the Knockouts division is a shell of its former glory so I would be okay with taking it off and making the girls managers who can take part in the occasional match instead of a time wasting division.

    Also scrap the Knockouts tag titles, if they aren't used don't keep them on. Also I feel that the gutcheck system, whilst interesting is a time waster and way too convoluted.
  3. I was never a fan of Gutcheck from the start. I thank them for Joey Ryan and that awesome angle, but now it needs to go away.

  4. Sting shouldn't wrestle on free tv any more, I love him and he's over but he should be a PPV only attraction. GIve him short promo segments sure but the mainevent was pushing it.
  5. Rob Terry is another GO AWAY candidate. Give any TV time you are thinking of giving to Terry to Magnus or Crimson, instead.
  6. I see your point, but dammit, that Aries/Sting tv match was one of the better tv matches of the year.
  7. :facepalm: @ the Gutcheck needing to go away. Proven talent and ratings getter should go away? Lol.

    Anyway, who/what should go? Chavo, Hernandez, BVD, Brooke Hogan, and less Hulkamania.

    That would give us more Joey Ryan, GUTCHECK, Crimson, Gunner, and X Division time.
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