WrestleMania What would you think about Punk beating Taker at WM?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Nov 19, 2012.

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  1. Just a discussion thread, not necessarily my opinion. WWE have a ton of faith in CM Punk and rightly so, would you want him to end the streak to really set him as a permanent heel? Eventually Punk standing out as the most entertaining star on RAW every single week will get him over as a face - again - so is going over Taker logical?

    Punk has ended a ton of streaks lately. Sheamus didn't lose in singles action once when he was champion, Punk beat him on main event. Punk ended Ryback's 30 plus and 0 streak at HIAC. He ended Cena's 7-0 Survivor Series streak. You could book this if you wanted with a Reign vs Streak set up.

    I know it won't happen and probably shouldn't, but it's fun to discuss.
  2. Unnecessary.
  3. No. Fuck Punk bro.

    He can do everything he wants but his ass doesn't deserve Taker's streak.
  4. Deserve's got nothin' to do with it.

    I just love getting to quote Clint Eastwood's best film.

    To the point, Punk would be a good choice to end the streak, although, if it's going to end, I think Wade Barrett is a better choice, as he has more upside. I bring him up because his character is an absolute natural heel, where Punk's character is a natural heel who can easily become an anti-hero face.

    The guy who ends the streak (I don't think it'll ever happen, but, just for giggles...) will forever be over as a heel and will most likely never be cheered as a true face until he retires as one of the best heels who ever wrestled.

    At this point, though, I think ending the streak would be a tremendous albatross around a wrestler's neck and would probably ruin his career. So, I really kinda hope Punk doesn't end it (or Barrett, for that matter, who I really think will be a great one in the long run).

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  5. I believe I did mention Punk/Cena at Mania the other day and ways to do it.

    Not sure if I'd want him to end the streak though.
  6. Punk vs Taker will be a shit ME'
    nothing against punk but he is not a contender to kill the streak
  7. Nobody should ever end that streak IMO. WK pretty much summed up my feelings on it, I'm not sure it would generate heat but more piss off long time fans. A lot of people would probably react in a similar manor that most of us did in the Sheamus/D-Bry debacle.

    Even if it was to be broken, Punk doing it is a total waste.
  8. Well first of all, unlike the vast majority of the internet and wrestling fans in general, I don't place much stock in The Undertaker's streak. Not that I think it's something that anyone can take away and that it doesn't matter, but it's something that if somebody right came along they shouldn't hesitate to do it. If I'm to believe several sources online, Taker himself doesn't care for the streak, offering both Orton & Angle chances to end it, or at least having no qualms with either of them doing so.

    That said, not matter which way I look at it, CM Punk just isn't that guy. It would literally do nothing for him, their be no real reason he'd have to do it, no real connection to Taker's character like Kane does that will make it work. Punk ending a bunch of streak recently can be a nice way to set up that he's a feasible challenge to break the streak; something few have after the recent battles with Trips (& Shawn). That of course is negated by the fact that I'm pretty sure minus the Breaking Point scandal Punk has always been on the losing end. Then again, knowing WWE had this scenario happen, Punk will be bringing up that he's the only person who made Taker "tap out".

    As for guys on the current roster, believe it or not I only think one person currently can do it. John Cena, and the reason being is for the IWC's wet-dream heel turn. As most fans typically point out having Cena turn heel will just switch which half of the crowd is cheering for him so ultimately it would be pointless. However having him end the streak would certainly shift to pretty much the majority of wrestling fans hating him, which in turn can lead to a great heel run and also lead to natural development of Cena actually turning heel through failing to Rise Above The Hate. I can't think of any conceivably way to turn Cena heel that it actually makes a difference. Not to mention, he's already a solidified megastar, so it's not like the pressure of living up to the man who broke the streak will be weighing him down like I imagine it would for most guys. Not that I'd book him to win if I was in a position to. I'd have that decision be made by Taker himself.

    As a side note, one of the coolest ideas I've heard for Taker at WrestleMania is having him wrestle a two out of three falls match and losing the first fall. Branching off of that you could easily build a masterpiece of a match.
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  9. If someone broke the streak it would either destroy them or send them so over they were in the stratosphere. Honestly though I can see it being the former and ruining someones career if they ended the streak as I see it pissing off every type of fan who watches the WWE. The streak is legendary to all fans and if someone ended it they would be hated forever yes great for a heel, but I see them being hated so much that they would just never get any support of the crowd what so ever and people genuinely hating that star.

    In terms of Punk there would be no point what so ever.
  10. The streak will not end, especially Punk won't end it. Why? Because he is not on Taker's level. /discussion
  11. No. If anyone was to end it, it would be Kane. But Punk? no.
  12. Punk should be President of the the entire Solar System
  13. Would love to see the streak end by someone who can actually use the push, and after Punk's epic title reign ends at the hands of one legend, it's only right if Punk can take out another.

    And after the 8th longest title reign in history, it wouldn't be unbelievable.
  14. Would be terrible for Punk to end it. I like Punk, but he's not a huge enough star to justify being the one to break the streak, and I don't really see him becoming any bigger of a star than he already is anyway. He's also retiring in a few years so it wouldn't have any long term impact to it.
  15. The only two who would deserve to beat taker would be HBK or Triple H. I could make a case for the rock if they both could stick around for awhile but that'll never happen. Undertaker is a boss
  16. This and only this.

    Nobody is at the level of beating Undertaker.

    And I love you sig, dude!
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  17. Damnit just made a who should end the streak thread didn't know someone made one already...:upset:

    On to the question lol Punk ending the streak would be like bringing back the hardcore title and making hornswoggle the champion for 2 years.

    So in short :no:
  18. Undertaker is 20-0 a perfect record his WrestleMania 28 HELL in a CELL match with Triple H was a good way to end it & I do not think hell be at WM29 they promoted the match to be "The End of An Era" & I think that meant the end of the streak.
  19. HHH, HBK or Kane should be the ones who come close to ending it.
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