What would you think if Ryback got a title shot?

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  1. Was watching ESPN earlier and they ran an add for a boxing match, Manny Manny Pacquiao (sp?) vs Timothy Bradley. Pacquiao's the barely-disputed number one pound-for-pound boxer in the world, but Bradley's unbeaten, 28-0. You'd like to say Pacquiao's unbeatable, but this young guy hasn't been beaten albeit against weaker opposition.

    So, lets take this scenario into WWE. Daniel Bryan wins the WWE Championship at No Way Out, defends it against Punk one-on-one at MITB, shockingly taps out Cena at Summerslam, and has all the momentum in the world. So what if the still-unbeaten Ryback challenged Daniel Bryan at Night of Champions? Bryan would obviously seem like the favorite, but from a casuals' point of view, we haven't seen a reason to believe Ryback can't win. What would you think about a scenario like this?
  2. Where exactly would Punk win the title this Sunday bro? No Way Out isn't this Sunday :otunga:
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  4. For this to work it'd need good build. I'm against having "new stars" have title matches so soon (IE Sheamus and ADR) but with Ryback it might work depending on booking. Bryan would need to be booked like a strong heel, which is hard to do because of his size (in WWE's mindset), so it's almost guaranteed he'll be a coward heel. But if he was making the greats like Orton, Sheamful and Cena tap then it'd be an awesome feud I think.
  5. I like Ryback so i definitely want him to be champion. I could seriously watch his squash matches every week for the next 10 years and not get bored of them

    Who would be face/heel in this title scenario?
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  6. Daniel Bryan would be a heel and Ryback would be a face. A heel turn for Ryback so early won't help him and there's a whole roster crowded with heels so he won't have decent opponents. Him going in and facing heel's would do much more for him then it would for him to be a heel.
  7. I would say hell no hes a Nexus has been who is clearly roided up to the max
  8. This. Liked. Ryback would destroy that little fucker and step on his balls. Lmao. just kidding daniel bryan marks.

    Ryback is a monster, daniel bryan should put him over as one. over the months daniel bryan always hits the big guys from behind. kane/show, he doesn't face them man to man. in a bryan/ryback feud. ruback would probably become the favorite after a while.

    it would be your classic monster vs master technichian match-up. would love it.
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  9. I think it would a little to early still, unless he starts taking down people like the Big Show, Mark Henry, Kane, and all those huge monsters, then beats Cena and Punk and starts playing the role as that unstoppable beast that's title hungry, but at Night of Champions Bryan barley manages to defend the title by like a roll up pin and Ryback gets more angry and starts going on a power rage and taking down everybody in sight until he gets a rematch, then on the next PPV he wins the title.
  10. I wouldn't think he would win the belt, but if he can have a quality match with Bryan (which I probably could) that could elevate him nonetheless.

    I'm not sure how the fans would perceive the "massive roided face vs little bitty heel" thing, but Daniel Bryan has far more credibility than anyone on the roster at this point. He's really the only person who can pull this off.
  11. I would like to see Ryback as a champ. But he needs a long build up first. He can't get a shot if the keeps destroying the jobbers.

    About him vs Bryan. They once had a match, and Ryback won. :otunga:
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  12. Well, seriously. It depends. When I saw the thread title, I thought you were going to talk about an earlier IC title win or something, but I really like this scenario. If Ryback is well built, it could work. I mean, that's pretty much all it's up to, in a situation where Bryan gets that build you said. It would have to look like a conflict between two "untouchable" superstars. That Bryan build? Perfect, he would look like that "untouchable" folk, if they made him look like a dangerous heel, who beats everyone up despite his size, not a coward heel. And Ryback, all you have to do is have him beat people on the actual roster, start with midcarders. A feud with Rhodes, then Kane, then Ziggler, then Jericho, something like that (there are other possible heels, but I didn't mention everyone possible because we are supposing he'll have the feud with Bryan). In this case, it would be a great feud, great match and both outcomes would be believable.
  13. Awesome selling of the clothesline.

    Miz with make-up. :lol1:
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