What would you think of this team reuniting?

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  1. Imagine this; The Royal Rumble is underway, The Miz is in the ring and just eliminates Antonio Cesaro. Team Rhode Scholars are both in the ring (they won the tag titles) the only other person left in the ring with them is The Miz. Miz puts up a fight but they destroy him anyway. They go to eliminate him but decide not to and beat him up some more for all the times he embarrassed them. Suddenly, John Morrison's music hits. He comes running out. It looks like he's about to beat up Miz too but he turns and starts destroying Rhode Scholars. Miz and Morrison eliminate Rhode Scholars. They go and stare each other down before shaking hands. They eventually get eliminated. The next night on RAW they come out to The Miz's theme. (they used morrison's theme last time, Miz's turn now) After Miz thanks Morrison for helping last night, Rhode Scholars come out and mock Miz and Morrison only for them to hit a tag finisher on RS. (SCF followed by a Starship pain) At WM Miz and Morrison beat Rhodes and Sandow for the tag titles. This time as a face team. THey could stay as a team until the main event scene has 1 or 2 slots free again.

    How awesome would it be to see Miz and Morrison reunite to be a face team again. Thoughts?
  2. I think Morrison is committed elsewhere at the present time. It would be nice to see him back though.
  3. Wouldn't hurt, the tag division is lacking anyway (since they won't push the talent they have), and it'd be funny to watch Morrison try to cut promos again, so why not.
  4. Miz could do the majority of the talking.
  5. I know. But I laugh when Morrison talks, so that'd be a plus actually. :lol1:
  6. Bit of comedy in their promos from the way Morrison talks. Aha.
  7. Morrison > Miz in every way :jeritroll:
  8. I was waiting for you too say something like that.
  9. I know you're a Miz hater, and Miz's promos as a face haven't been his best work, but... I think that besides the comedy fact, Miz is a better talker.
  10. Jeez, it's getting so a guy can't troll around here :lol1:
  11. :dawg: I assumed you were trolling at first but then I thought you were serious. Because believe me, I've seen Morrison marks. Think about a 5-year old John Cena mark and make it even worse. Little bit of a trauma there. :haha:
  12. I do like Morrison in the ring, but he should be quiet.
  13. Yeah, I also think Morrison is alright in the ring, but his promos sound like a socially awkward 6th grader trying to present his work in front of the class. Stumbling over lines, awkward laughs, it's so clear that he's so nervous. I heard he was trying to be an actor or something. :lol1:
  14. I didn't think Morrison was TOO bad on the mic. I've definitely heard worse, but in a way they would compliment each other. Miz is a little above average in-ring and above average on the mic. Morrison is above average in-ring and average - just below average on the mic. It would be good to see how they are now after Miz has improved heaps in ring since they last teamed.
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