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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by WWESpongefan, Apr 22, 2014.

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  1. It's just an idea that popped in my head during the Cesaro match when Paul Heyman and Zeb were arguing. I thought it would be cool if they did something like a tag team match with Swagger and Zeb vs Cesaro and Heyman. What do you guys think?
  2. Horrible fucking idea. Zeb and Paul have no business being in the ring unless they're cutting promos.
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  3. It's fine for Zeb or Paul to take a bump every once in a while when the story calls for it but they should not be actual participants in a match ever!
  4. I'd like to see Zeb and Paul clashing, they have the ability to outshine even the likes of El Torito and Hornswoggle.
  5. Hm, seems like an OK filler segment for a weekly show during the build up. I think they're killing the feud on SD though.
  6. They already did this with Zeb when they had Del Rio/RR, Dolph/E and Swagger/Zeb. Was actually pretty decent but eh prolly should stay away from doing it again.
  7. I rarely enjoy any segment where a manager gets put into an actual match. The exception, however, was the Ryback/Heyman vs. Punk HIAC match, but that was just to see the beating Heyman took (he's one of my favorite managers ever and I believe he is a thoroughly quality human being, but I just loved watching Paul Heyman get his ass beaten...I don't know why).

    Having said that, if there could be an entertaining physical involvement between managers, I'm willing to bet it would be between Dutch and Paul E.

  8. Wonder if Paul would wear the protective vest under his jacket like he did at HIAC? lol
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  9. I share the view of the majority that Paul Heyman and Zeb Colter should really stay away from in-ring activity. I can't see that adding the managers in to a tag team match will help the rivalry, plus Heyman participated in matches recently at HIAC and Battleground maybe? The Walrus has taken enough punishment for now.

    In other news I think it is a shame that Cesaro and Swagger are facing each other on this coming Smackdown, I would have thought that they were saving it a place on the ER card but I guess they would rather run a Rusev squash match than add a match with actual story behind it. I hope it still gets added to the card.
  10. Not interested in anything other than promos from those two old fucks
  11. I can see this happening.

    Cesaro obviously isn't winning the Intercontinental Championship now, and the next best option (which was always the preferable option anyway) is to win the Money In The Bank briefcase at the end of June. But we have two more PPV events before we get there (Extreme Rules and then Payback) and rather than just have Cesaro and Swagger face off in one-on-one compettion at both (or have Cesaro defeat Swagger at Extreme Rules and then go over a filler opponent at Payback... yawn), why not add a bit of "variety" to Cesaro and Swagger's second match at Payback by putting Paul Heyman and Zeb Coulter in the ring as their respective tag team partners, especially since the two managers are so keen on getting their hands on each other as well.

    It could be fun. The image of seeing two old guys rolling around on the canvas while Cesaro and Swagger on the other hand try to have a serious athletic contest sounds like an amusing image. Imagine the two of them stopping and staring in disbelief at their managers fighting like schoolyard girls. Or picture Heyman calling for Cesaro's help while screaming in pain trapped in Swagger's ankle lock, or imagine they saved the big moment for Cesaro swinging Coulter for this match.
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  12. I absolutely despise managers being put into matches.
  13. Only if JR does commentary!
  14. Lets see paul has 15 matches under his belt while Zeb has 74 I see that as a good match up.lol

    I'll pass sorry.lol

    Iron Man
  15. I think it's a terrible idea, but it can't be worse than any of the midget match feuding going on.

    The ONLY way I would be interested, is if they did a 2/3 matchup for it, where Cesaro would lose to Swag via some cheap trick and Heyman would have to face Zeb to get the third match where (obviously) Cesaro would win. However, with the Cesaro vs Bork setup I see no reason for this.

    Really this is one of the few times I would honestly be just juiced for WWE to pretend it never happened (Real Americans) and just move forward to Cesaro vs Bork.
  16. I love managers feuding but hate them being in the ring. Just have Zeb & Paul have at it for a wee while during a match between Swagger and Cesaro kind of like a less hot version of an ECW manager catfight lol. (as I'm typing this I realise this may have happened on Smackdown but I dont watch SMackdown)
  17. It kind of happened on Smackdown... Zeb got in Paul's face and then shoved him.. Paul grabbed him by the shirt. Nothing much really.
  18. No need for the managers to have an in-ring action. Let them talk the talk and let the wrestlers walk the walk for them.:emoji_wink:
  19. Heyman vs Colter - 120 minute iron man match on RAW - The Brain Heenan Special Ref.

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