What would you think of WWE doing this to Kane

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Donald Trump_, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. I would love it.

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  2. Not for me

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  1. You know how Glen Jacobby and Kane are completely different. Kane is a monster and Glen is a man under the mask playing the monster. When the time comes for glen to retire, what would you think if WWE put another man with similar height, weight, build under kane's mask with kanes move-set. The character Kane is one of the most iconic characters in professional wrestling, everything from his chokeslam to his entrance to his red costume. Kane's career spans for decades more and he really becomes the monster that his character is. Like how undertaker's character is immortal.

    Kane-a-nites, your feedback is apprichiated. But no kating (kane hating)
  2. I always thought aout this. Make Kane disappear and have him come back after a while, but not Glenn Jacobs, some young guy similar to him. It's a valid idea, but I'm not sure, I don't think we need the Kane character around forever.
  3. Well, it wouldn't be forever. It would be for some time though. Like Kane disappears for a year then returns, but its not glen. wk, we might even see Kane in the WWE @ like 2038. Kane is immortal.
  4. Well, it would be interesting for a character to be in WWE for that long, but I think the gimmick would grow stale in so much time, wouldn't it? That is, if people don't think it's stale already.
  5. Depends how they bring him back. Say Kane is buried and dead by some wrestler. For years there aren't signs or anything, like he retired. Then when the most heart warming moment of the year happens a certain years away. BOOM! The arena turns red and masked Kane comes out and makes it living hell.
  6. Keeping the Kane character? To be honest, in the modern era, I don't think his character works.
  7. Just the voice difference would turn too many people off. And getting a guy too mimic his voice would just be shite and people would hear a fake voice. It's too risky a move if you ask me. If gone bad it would ruin Glens legacy.
  8. yeah i guess it could get stale, but badass'ery never gets stale. Kane returning and chokeslamming everyone to hell and lighting people on fire. if the kane gimmick is used right, it can never get stale.

    and as the years go we'll see new versions of his costume. like the metal mask kane wears looks kinda futuristic. Kane is like jason, jason was created in 1980s but theres a movie of him in the year 2500. Maybe we could have a robo-kane/meta-kane. lmao


    Kane just shouldn't be talking.
  9. No matter what, if I am still watching WWE some years from now and that happens, stale character or not, I'll mark out like a little girl. The return angle (if done like that) would be great. :dawg:
  10. I don't see how Kane's character can ever get 'stale'. Kane has a certain fire to him. He's the ultimate monster figure.

    Also, Imagine if WWE paid someone to get plastic surgery to look exactly like Undertaker's face. And that became the new undertaker. And he would become 40-0.
  11. Id be ok ONLY if he was in the HoF first, so everyone would know it wasn't him right away. He is what makes the character how it is, and while someone else could do a good job with Kane, it wouldn't be the same as Glen.
  12. That's a little bizarre, but nonetheless, WWE shouldn't stick to the past so much. They need new stars. They need to create new characters that people won't want to stop seeing 10, or 20 years from now. They shouldn't be depending on a character who debuted in 1997 or on Undertaker's streak forever. WWE needs to move on.
  13. I'm sure WWE could find the needle in the haystack and the guy that replace Glen.


    It's not about new stars, but the fact that the WWE isn't the same with no Undertaker.

    And I think there was a scandal on that @ WM 3. Where there were 2 refs that looked alike and one of the was fake and just got surgery.
  14. Maybe the guy inside the haystack will have the needle stuck into his leg or something. Win/win/win.
  15. Been there, done that in 2006 IIRC. Not this exactly, but that ship has sailed, imo.
  16. MY IDEA: debut a new kane type masked monster character. Except his attire will be black and blue, instead of red. His entrance explosions will have blue flames and he will feud with Kane and beat him (killing him in the storyline) and this is when kane will retire!
  17. The WWE can do well without Mark. He only shows up once a year anyway, I can live without Taker with no problems whatsoever. And that double referee thing happened on Saturday Night Main Event or some weekly show, when Andre beat Hogan for the WWF title. In the storyline, one of the refs had surgery, but actually, it was Dave and Earl Hebner, who are twins.
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