Survivor Series What would your ideal Survivor Series card be?

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  1. Okay. You're the booker and you've got to book 6 matches for the Survivor Series pay-per-view?

    What Six matches would you choose?
  2. for the main event id like team haymen and vickie vs team aj winning team becomes gm of raw
  3. I like the idea.
  4. who would you have in each team in a 10 man tag team my choice would be

    Team aj

    Team haymen and vicki

    Not sure yet who to put in the blanks
  5. I think the idea, but I think they'll just hire Ric Flair as GM. :otunga:

    & I would have Kofi on Team AJ, and R-Truth on Team Heyman.
  6. Team Hell No retains the tag belts against Rey and Sin Cara
    (Perfect opener, Hell No retain with more accidental tag moves)

    Jack Swagger wins the European Championship from Antonio Cesaro
    (Patriotic babyface changes the name back to the applause of All-American Audiences)

    WHC: Champion Dolph Ziggler retains the World Heavyweight Championship against Sheamus
    (Sheamus' rematch after Ziggles cashed in at HIAC)

    Eve retains the Divas' Championship against Layla and Kaitlyn
    (Just a buffer to make the company look less sexist when Linda runs again in 2014)

    Team Heyman (Lesnar, Ambrose, Del Rio, Rhodes, and Sandow) defeat Team HHH (Game, Christian, Orton, Brodus, and Miz) for CEO of WWE
    (They show backstage segments on Raw showing why each member joined the team, Sandow being against that neanderthal Triple H, paying off Del Rio, etc, while all signs point to the odd-man Miz letting HHH down and giving control of the company to Heyman. At the end, it's down to Ambrose against Orton and Miz. Orton RKO's Ambrose and tags in Miz who sets up the Skull-Crushing, then Orton runs in and RKO's him, drags Ambrose on top for the 1-2-3, then the camera zooms in on Heyman's sinister smile as Orton lays down for the winning pin, then Team Heyman gangs on Miz)

    Ryback squash buffer

    Champion CM Punk retains the WWE Championship against Kofi Kingston
    (Completely copy the Pope-Styles feud from 2010, and do something different)
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  7. That sounds like a very good survivor series brother, very in depth post as well. You've just earned a like.
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