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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Urn Anderson, Aug 15, 2012.

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  1. If Undertaker faced John Cena at Wrestlemania and Cena won?

    I'd be very pissed, and would probably stop watching WWE, not because he won, but because of the fact, that all those legends tried, and failed, and someone like John Cena won on his 'first try'.
  2. I would be raging if anybody won except a couple of guys - and they have absolutely no hope of doing so.
  3. The only person I thought would/should have was Orton at the time. That would have really boosted his legend killer gimmick. As for cena beating Taker that would probably be the most selfish thing to ever happen, notably because Taker on most occasions apparently wants to put guys over and lose, but most just respect his record.
  4. I would turn to my Twitta' Machine, and go in rage mode.
  5. Worst part is..... Remember cena storyline from when he first started, when undertaker took him aside to give him advise?

    They would totally go with the student surpassing the teacher angle....
  6. I'd be quite mad as the only reason Undertaker should lose is to put over a future mega star, Cena already is one. You could easily argue that he's above Undertaker now.
  7. Cena is more a randy orton or edge wrestlemania match guy if cena did win against the undertaker his ego will go through the roof


    plus cena is overated
  8. I think it would be extremely offensive to the undertaker and his career if he were to lose. Cena is big enough that he doesn't need to destroy a streak like that to become big in the company. undertaker should retire with the streak.

    if they are definitely going to end his streak give it to someone like Wade.. or maybe even Dolph
  9. I'd stop watching. The Undertaker was the first person I looked up to, and to see someone like Cena break his streak will feel like a slap to the face. Say what you want about my reaction, but I still stand by that. Raw can be shitty and I'll still try to watch, they can make crappy story lines, and Ill try to pay attention, but Cena would be agreeing to that, and he doesn't need it at all. I already dislike Cena as it is, he does this and WWE loses a fan. Plain and simple.
  10. I would be very pissed. It's so stupid and disrespectful. Why give the ultimate rub to the one guy who won't benefit at all from it? I'd keep watching, but I'd be very pissed off with WWE if they did that.
  11. I would never watch WWE again. That's saying fuck you to the Undertaker and all of the long time fans that never lost hope of WWE.
  12. I'd love it if John beat the Undertaker. The traffic in this site would be extraordinary if John won. If John won, we'd have a huge thread too epic for words discussing how upset certain people might feel. if John won, I'm sure WWE would do something sickening such as a 'Cena hate' t-shirt or something along those lines.

    If Undertaker won, I would be kinda upset, but it would be boring too. This site wouldnt' benefit from Undertaker winning and the 'buzz' would settle far too soon. I can't say John would turn on his fans, but I believe WWE would use John's win to their advantage
  13. I don't really give a rats ass about the streak but it would be quite a waste of the biggest rub of all time


    Also for all of you saying how much you would hate it what if Cena won by cheating and turned into a mega heel in the process? Would you still hate it?
  14. Yes, because his eventual heel turn won't last for more than 6 months most likely. What a waste the 20 years would have been. If it's to be used to turn someone heel, it should be used on someone who most likely could never be a face -- IE Wade Barrett.
  15. Undertaker giving that rub to Cena would make me rage quite much. Taker himself wants to give it to a young guy. Pretty sure he knows Cena doesn't need it.
  16. Am i the only one who hates the term 'rub'? Sounds like somebody is giving a handjob.
  17. John Cena beating the Undertaker is Vince's way of giving Cena a handjob while having Cena's balls in his mouth. So yes it's a rub.


    It's not about Cena, it's about the legacy and how much that streak is worth. That streak is the lottery for anybody's career, whoever gets that streak will be known in history. Cena has no need for it, and it wont be much of a buzz since WWE will lose a bunch of fans. Undertaker vs Cena at Wrestlemania should never happen, someone new needs to break that streak if anybody. Not a 12 time world champion who'll gain nothing from it.
  18. I wouldn't give up on the company over a kayfabe streak as long as they continue to entertain me. I'd be annoyed on this place before drinking some kind of milkshake, probably chocolate and realizing its nothing to stress about.
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