WrestleMania What Wrestlemania feud has had the best feud so far?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Apr 1, 2013.

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  1. Simple really. What feud currently in WWE heading into Wrestlemania has had the best build up?
  2. Punk vs Taker. Punk has gotten Taker's Urn.
  3. Punk vs taker has been the most interesting one.

    Cena vs The rock has had Over 2 years built.

    Fandango vs Jericho is that feud that could steal the show
  4. I can predict these matches.

    Taker beats punk
    Rock beats Cena
    Fandango beats Jericho.
  5. For me it's Fandango vs Jericho, you could see it coming but it isn't the same thing as every year...


    Maybe that's what happen, but Cena will win Rock, he's got a film to do and I think his contract is actually until Extreme Rules
  6. Cena won't beat Rock
  7. Want to bet?
  8. Yeah!
  9. As much as I may bitch about it, The Shield match. Shield's been built up well obvi, and the way they've teased dissension in the ranks so much puts the heels at an advantage.
  10. Ok, what are we betting?
  11. Um.....I don't know.
  12. 5NP, do you agree?
  13. No, I want to Cena to win but I think the Rock might beat him.
  14. Cena will win him and at Extreme Rules we'll see the rematch. If you want we don't bet, if not tell me what do you want to bet
  15. I really don't want to bet but yeah I want Cena to win but I just have a feeling Rock will
  16. Most of the people think Rock will win, I really don't, this year is Cena's year
  17. I'm rooting for Cena.
  18. I think Punk/ taker had the best build up, I'm looking forward for this match along with many other matches this WM.
  19. Yeah what I want to see is Punk emptying Undertaker's Urn and beat him. Wouldn't that be awesome?
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