WrestleMania What Wrestlemania were you most excited for?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Well since many people seem to think this is one of their best cards ever, where you do rank it among your top five Wrestlemania's ever?

    I personally find the card predictable and not exciting, excluding Punk vs Jericho and Rock vs Cena.
  2. Who is saying such nonsense about this card? I want to punch them
  3. Quite a few on this site and others - I too didn't understand it.
  4. I was very excited for WrestleMania 20 and WrestleMania 27. I don't know why. The worst WM in recent memory is probably WM24
  5. Im really exited for this one, for sure..

    Same for WM 25, 26 and 27..

    But I love this card soo much!
  6. I suppose as a HHH fan you would be pretty pleased with the card.
  7. Naa not just for HHH, I'm exited about most of the matches..
    Cena vs Rock is huge ass, Punk vs Y2J is pretty big too, Bryan vs Sheamus is cool, and Show vs Rodes.. Well.. Not really stoked..

    Really curious bout the diva's match at WM. Will it be Kharma, Natalya, Tamina or even Trish!?
  8. Just awesome!
    Limp Bizkit song makes it more epic..

    Tnx for posting that one!
  9. Probably same although I was about 7 at the time. So I got excited for most PPV's #FuckingMark.
  10. Wrestlemania 25.

  11. @Jose: I'm not really pumped for HHH vs Taker or Rhodes vs Show at all. It's literally Rock vs Cena and Punk vs Jericho that gets me excited. Sheamus vs Bryan has potential but Sheamus going over bums me out.
  12. Yea I was 10 at the time. Rock and Austin were my two favorites. I remember setting out my SCSA and Rocky t shirts the night before, explaining to my Dad that I was only going to wear the shirt of whoever won so I didn't look like a loser.
  13. Hahaha #GloryMark

    SCSA was my hero as a kid.
  14. I remember being so depressed when Rock lost, as I preferred him to Austin. I never really got into Austin like some people did, I guess those $5000 colourful shirts and catchphrases were what attracted me to him. Plus I can't remember Austin in his prime, and didn't understand his whole gimmick.
  15. "So depressed when Rock won, as I preffered him to Austin", makes no sense.
  16. He meant when rock lost, because Rock didn't win at Wm 17
  17. Meant lost.
  18. I know, I just like being that guy.
  19. Wrestlemania 19. Best ever 'cus of main event, Nathan Jones' insane roundhouse kick, and limp bizkit. There was also Rock v. SC and Mcmahon v. Hulk. Prime card.
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