What wrestler performs a move very well

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  1. Name newer WWE wrestlers that do a move surprisingly well. List them off here preferably with video or image examples.

    Camacho has a kick ass Spinebuster.

    Not many of the newer guys use the spinebuster so to see Camacho whip it out like it's all he's been doing for the last six years is a pleasant surprise.
  2. I like Triple H's spinebuster.

  3. Focus here are more on the young bucks Lacky. That Triple H does the spinebuster well we wall know. Camacho's had that whipping effect in it which made it look vicious.
  4. Okay,

    I really like Cody Rhodes Disaster Kick

  5. Camacho's spinebuster was absolutely sweet.

    Also, A-Ry's spinebuster looks sweet too, deserves a mention.

  6. [​IMG]
    Hunico is freakishly strong. One armed powerbomb.
  7. Gabriels 450 and leg sweep are great.
  8. Dolph's super kick.
  9. Del Rio's step up enzuguri gives me a hard on. So smooth and makes a beautiful sound.

  10. :gusta: ... :haha:

  11. This one was sooooo sexy. How high! Must've hurt like hell.
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  12. I know this is not exactly on topic, but I'd like to say that I think that Heath Slater, Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler sell moves the best out of anyone recently. They really make the match suspenseful. Well, I guess besides Slater since you always know he is going to lose XD but look at the old guys he has to fight who really (although I love them) are not in their prime and do not perform the moves all that well and yet he makes them look awesome.
  13. Well said. Ziggler and Slater are my favourite sellers at the moment.
  14. Damn... I remember that spinebuster. :fap:

    Nothing comes to mind since I haven't watched in a while, but Dolph's Superkick and Del Rio's Enzuigiri are awesome, true.
  15. Too bad he doesn't use it anymore. Could be an awesome reverse or signature move.. :gusta:

    For good times sake

  16. Last time I saw him using it... was in the house show here. He tried to hit Cena, but he ducked and hit Ace, who was on the apron. Beautiful move. And I agree completely, he should use it move often, in most of his matches.
  17. I don't care if triple H isn't a rookie, that's what makes his Spinebuster so great. His torque on that move is legendary. Also in regards to HHH, he has truly mastered the High Knee (sorry punk), and the knee facebuster. I've noticed that all of his signature moves are a consistent up/down motion. It adds to his character how his moves intertwine like that.

    My personal favorite for the shooting star press is Bork Laser. It is much different that Bourne's seeing as he has to propel himself across the ring to land it. Adds to the power as well. He is so stiff in the air it almost looks like an action figure.

    As for unmentioned moves, I think Eddie Guerrero had some of the best quality Hurricanrannas to date. Seems like his small frame helped him a little, but it doesn't take away the fact that he has the move down. Seemless transition. Little to no overselling needed.

  18. Great mentions ^


    Always loved JoMo's dancing leg drop..

  19. Chris Jericho performs the Walls of Jericho very well.
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